The Al Fahidi Historical area is located in Bur Dubai. This fort was built for the safe keeping of the country from the attacks from the neighboring enemies and tribes. 10/12/2020 3:48 AM. 두번째 방문이다. History. **Please note, this venue is currently UNDER RENOVATION and will be closed to the public until further notice. The Al Fahidi Fort museum is perhaps best known for its amazing life-size dioramas which awa… 무더운 여름이었던지라 밖은 매우 더웠지만 매표소에서 에어컨이 땀을 식혀주어 실내에 가서는 쾌적한 관람을 즐길 수 있었다. 대한민국의 한국어 사용자를 대상으로 하는 트립어드바이저 웹사이트 버전입니다. Print Events Survey For Visitors Satisfaction – Dubai Museum. Visitors can enter the first Al Fahidi Fort gallery by descending down the spiral stairway located at the South Western tower of the fort. 택시를 잡는 것도 쉽지 않았다. 더 알아보기, Arabian Tea House Restaurant & Cafe - Al Fahidi, Mumtaz Mahal Indian Speciality Restaurant. Copyright © 2014-{cYear} . 박물관에 들어가기 전 겉모습만 보고는 작은 크기를 예상했으나 지상을 다보고 안으로 들어가니 넓은 크기의 박물관이었다. Last Updated on We recommend booking Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort tours ahead of time to secure your spot. 전시물이 부족하다면 프로그램과 액티비티로 채우는 것은 어떨까. From Saturday to Thursday, from 8:30 until 20:30, and Fridays, from 14:30 to 20:30, From Sunday to Thursday: from 10:00 to 17:00, أفضل عرض للشاشة بدقة 1170 x 768 يدعم المتصفحات التالية انترنت اكسبلورر 11+ , فاير فوكس 1.0+ , كروم, سفاري 1.2+ , أوبيرا 6.0 If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. 주차가 불편하며, 보행자 접근성도 부족하다. The Al Fahidi Fort was built in 1787 and is considered as the oldest heritage site of Dubai. 두바이의 과거와 현재를 볼 수 있는 곳으로, 예전 두바이 사람들이 진주를 채취하며 가난하게 살고 있었던 생활상을 엿볼 수 있었습니다. Page. The artifacts on display are both local as well as things which were accumulated through trade with other countries. This is an external link and will be moving out of your site, want to continue? Dubai Museum (Arabic: متحف دبي‎) is the main museum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 전시물을 크게 기대하지말고 근처 여행지와 같이 보면 좋을 것같다. The site is best viewed using IE11 and above, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome. The gallery consist mosts of artifacts leading up to the 1960s when oil was discovered. A visit to Dubai Museum "Al Fahidi Fort" offers an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Dubai, which gives an impression that Dubai's current development, modernism and distinction are only a continuation of a journey of a unique and distinguished civilization that was subjected to different cultures and people, as well as an example of the strong bond with Arabism and Islam. It also acted as a temporary abode for the ruling king, as a prison for the country’s offenders as well as a garrison. 이 번엔 그 때와 다른 건너편쪽으로 돌아 보았다. All rights reserved. 새로이 두바이 전통가옥을 꾸며 놓아 즐거운 구경을 했다. The site is best viewed using IE11 and above, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome. 죄송합니다. 건물이 독특해서 찾기 쉽다. This site is maintained by Dubai Culture. 두바이 박물관,두바이: 434건 중에서 75위를 차지한 관광명소인 두바이 박물관에 관한 6,990 건의 리뷰와 6,949 건의 사진을 체크하세요. Attractions near Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood: (0.00 mi) XVA Gallery (0.00 mi) Zaitoon Wellness Spa (0.00 mi) Vacation Homes Rental (0.03 mi) apsara Textiles Dubai (0.11 mi) Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort; View all attractions near Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood on Tripadvisor $ 위치나 주변 관광지와의 연계성도 개발할 필요가 있어 보인다. 다른 날짜를 선택하세요. Beautifully restored in the 1993 it now houses the Dubai Museum and offers a fascinating insight into the city’s heritage and culture. The world’s largest and highest quality interactive city tour. 선택한 날짜에 온라인으로 예약할 수 있는 투어나 액티비티가 없습니다. The Al Fahidi Fort was built around 1799 to defend Dubai against invasion and is probably the oldest building in the city. View … There are no official Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood timings for tourists to contend with; however, while the neighbourhood can be visited at any time of the day, visitors are expected to take into account the official opening hours of the museums and landmarks they plan to visit. 입장료도 한국돈으로 1000원으로 아주 저렴합니다. It is located in the Al Fahidi Fort (Arabic: حصن الفهيدي‎), built in 1787 and is the oldest existing building in Dubai. See all 264 Dubai Museum & Al Fahidi Fort tours on Tripadvisor 4년전에 한 번 스페인가면서 들렀고 이번엔 카이로를 향해 가면서 들렀다. 다른 국가 또는 지역에 거주하는 경우 드롭다운 메뉴에서 해당 국가 또는 지역에 적합한 트립어드바이저 버전을 선택하세요.

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