11 Jan2016 TOP 20 beer drinking countries Written byRenata Jirasova11 Jan. 2016. spectrum to, yes, enjoy a beer, but also to consider how our sector is interlinked with a variety of policy areas that shape Europe’s vision for the future. From rice lager to beer made with hops, malt, and barley, from Asia to Europe, and the Americas, copying this novel invention from the ancient Egyptians continues to be popular worldwide. The region’s numerous beer festivals, open-brewery days and special events make it easy to form a beer-filled itinerary. Presently, after water, tea and coffee is beer the world's most popular drink and the most popular alcoholic beverage.. The oldest still-existing commercial brewery in Finland and Nordic countries is Sinebrychoff, founded in 1819. in 7000 BC. As represented by the statistics in this report, beer is growing in Europe and in many individual countries and markets – no matter how big or how small. These top five beer-producing countries are each making millions of kiloliters of beer every year. Train travel to the beer destinations in Central Europe is often with almost door-to-door service: because of their importance of shipping, many of the region’s most famous breweries were built next to train stations. This list is not complete without the popular Guinness; still, get to know why the other lesser-known European beer brands are … In other countries, best-selling brands are disputed. MAP: The Most Popular Beer In Every Country words: Joshua Malin After publishing our guide to America’s most popular beers , many people asked us to take a look at the rest of the world. So repeat after us, “Beer budgets are better in Bulgaria. Beer budgets are better in Bulgaria. But anyway, based on this map and other online sources, here are the most popular and well-known beer brands around the world. Europe can be considered the birthplace of the modern beer, and so it’s not a surprise that a lot of the world’s best beers are found here on this continent. Yes, that is millions of thousands of liters! The American brewing style is so popular in other countries that craft brewers are expanding to Europe, including Stone’s plans for a Berlin brewery and … We sincerely hope that these Best-Country Finland has a long history of beer dating back to the Middle Ages. The first beer was brewed in Mesopotamia approx. There are 195 countries in the world, but some countries don’t have their own beers as alcohol is banned. Eastern Europe truly is king when it comes to the cheapest beers and our number one destination for best budget beers is Sofia, average beer price means you could get four beers for the price of one back in the UK.

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