Last month we introduced the mics; this month we put them to the test. They're both good mics - just not the same. Members. The M260 is designed for speech - broadcasters, reporters, etc., so it's not as high-fi at the ends of its range. 7.5" long. Last month we ran through the background of a number of ribbon mics and their manufacturers, but left you hanging for the test results. Beyerdynamic M260 N(C) 70's Ribbon Microphone in Original Case Very Good In full working order. The other thread is a good reference for someone new to ribbon mics, so I'll echo the recommendation that you read that one, too. However, Beyerdynamic have always marketed live–oriented, hypercardioid ribbon mics alongside studio classics such as the M160 and M130. Comes in original vinyl case, which is in good, clean condition, with some signs of use and wear (has a black tape across back). I took the indie route with the baby rattle M260 and an M500 in the late 90s circa 2000. Find out which model is the best way of adding ribbon character to your studio. You are bidding on a beyerdynamic M260 N(C) microphone. Frank riffed on a Fender Stratocaster. Their M260, for instance, is a very fine general–purpose directional microphone that until recently had remained in continuous production for more than 50 years, and will do duty in more or less any role where you’d consider using an SM57 or similar. Beyer M260N(C)S Again, like last month, we will look at the models in a variety of situations and use them in company with a couple of other mics to allow the judgement to be relative and not in isolation. Latest reviews Search resources. The M160 is a very high-fi mic, having even response from way down low to around 15 kHz. Current ... that's not what I'm looking for. If you have any questions about payment. Clean, very good condition for its age. Please make payment within 7 days of auction end. Sent them both to Stephen Sank ... different facts from different folks means..... ask the source: beyerdynamic. Shipping this or any other details of the auction listing, please contact me. XLR connector, in very good physical and working condition. The importers, Beyer UK, have submitted the M400 N(C)S moving coil and given it the more easily remembered name Soundstar Mk II, together with the M260 N(C)S with a ribbon transducer. I don't know what the ".80" designation means, but I have an older M260 along with some other Beyerdynamic ribbon mics and I love 'em. Or contact me to make other arrangements. The mics all went to Millennia mic pres. At Bi-Coastal Music, we set up a Fender Deluxe with the two AT mics as well as a beyerdynamic M160, beyerdynamic M260, a Royer R-121, and a Coles 4038. I believe the M260 also exhibits a "presence rise."

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