Look around you. There is one more source of numbers we can draw on. font-size: 1em; width: 70%; Examples: 1, 2, 3, …, The set of all whole numbers, both positive and negative. Lets count from one to a a million, a googol, Graham’s Number… all the way till infinity, and even how to count beyond infinity, into the uncountable infinities! It may seem esoteric, but the understanding of infinity—and set theory—is vital to understanding the very foundations of mathematics. By coming up with our human context, with our finitude, infinity wants to experiment : is the same problem as asking, ‘What do we multiply zero by, in order to get zero?’. Sweet video finite form Leo. The bible in a nutshell. GLOSSARY It has no form. Well, let’s try and find Cantor’s number in our list. My answer would be a) and I bet enlightened people (as amazing it is for them) do not bring anything special to infinity. margin-right:0; // Listener: press of the 'randomise all' button background-position: top left 1.7em; Is this too simplistic a way of thinking? transition: all 0.3s; text-align: left; “an object is a distinction”. There can’t just be zero. // Listener: press of the 'show next example' button (If the first decimal place of our first number was 9, he changes it to a 0). } else { This requires a massive enlightenment experience. var newExample = currentExample + 1; Examples: -2,-1,0,1,2, … 300px. } } #diagonalisation-interactive button.white-button { But Cantor had one final trick up his sleeve, which he published in his famous 1874 paper. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. background-position: right bottom 0.5em; Difficult … but not impossible. #diagonalisation-interactive #update-result { No object is actually infinite. jQuery("#update-result").click(function(e) { .diagonalisation-section dl { updateDiagonalisationOutput(); } This process continues, resulting in a real number that Cantor claims won’t be on our list. It is not his will for anyone to perish and that’s why it’s so important to know where we are going before we die. } Examples: 1, 2, 3, … How to bust your top 20 limiting beliefs. No matter how hard you try, you’ll always end up using up all of the natural numbers and still having real numbers left over, unpaired. We journey to see what amount of quantity for the all the people on earth, all the ants on earth, all the atoms in your body, all the stars in the universe and beyond. padding: 0.5em 1em; .diagonalisation-section span.highlight { background-image: url('/sites/default/files/images/everything-else/infinities/interactives/dots-vertical.png'); b)Infinity. .single-example:first-child { But there is no number that works! activateExample(newExample); It spawned the Sun, the Earth, the moon, your coffee table, your dog, the tree outside your house, Aristotle, Jesus, Napoleon, Descartes, Hume, Einstein, Stephen Hawking, you, and spawned every single idea that ever popped into your mind. I have not found a better explanation of what eternity and existence and realty so far better then god and Jesus Christ. /* Active vs inactive states */ z-index: 0; line-height: 1.2em; Having done that, we can now zigzag our way through the table to catch every single fraction, like so: Then all we have to do then is list every fraction in the order we encountered it during the zigzag: And, just like that, we’ve made our bijection between the rational numbers ℚ and the natural numbers ℕ! Obviously there is something, so it is too late (so to speak) for absolute nothingness. float: left; #diagonalisation-interactive button.orange-button { Experiencing form is more conducive under Darwin than experiencing all sorts of things. ... (aleph one), respectively, the first two “orders of infinity”, both smaller than absolute infinity Ω. It’s the second transfinite cardinal number, and our first example of a bigger infinity than the ℵ0 infinity we know and love. well; this question presume that god have the same nature of the reality he want to create: he need space to be in… i have an analogy for this situation: imaging a philosopher; from a strange simcity witch don’t discribe our reality; for exemple lets programming and make an intelegent life in planet venus dealing withe the hot and toxique atmosphere. Why? function incrementOf(inputID) { real numbers border: none !important; When we ask, ‘What is six divided by two?’, we are really asking, ‘What do we multiply two by, in order to get six?’. So although Buzz Lightyear’s goals of travelling ‘to infinity and beyond’ doesn’t make sense in the literal sense—infinity is not a place, nor a destination, nor a final point—you could argue that mathematics allows us to explore infinity and beyond. We learn early in school that there are four basic operations in mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Because what would enforce everything to be zero? Everything he taught made good sense once I thought about it in depth. Infinityinfinity = 2infinity Infinityplexian or Infinityduplex or Infinityplexplex, 1010infinity You are it! display: none; background-repeat: no-repeat; Cantor’s argument works for the real numbers because the decimal expansion of a real number doesn’t have to have a pattern to it. natural numbers result = false; Aside from calculators throwing up errors, and jokes about workbooks catching fire and black holes spontaneously forming, there’s a very valid (and very simple) reason why we cannot divide any number by zero. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Is there a distinction between imagination and possibility in the context of absolute infinity? display: none; } This means he could love us beyond infinity so much that he created everything for us. Science is clueless to the kind of things we’re speaking of. For a long time, it seemed as though all infinite sets would be able to be paired up with each other—meaning that every infinite set had the same size, ℵ0. padding-right: 15%; clear: left; } Your point on formlessness isn’t striking home with me yet. Maybe philosopher Graham Harman’s terms overmining and undermining might be useful to add to your non-duality vocabulary. Thank you for also pointing out that it is up to each of us to open to this truth so intimately far and so infinitely close. }); resetInputValues(); Equivalently, the set of all numbers whose decimal expansions either terminate or eventually repeat. } background-repeat: no-repeat; Best's Absolute Infinity, aka BAI or Θ, is a number by BestNoobReborn that satisfies the equation BAI > n regardless of the value of n. This causes contradiction, being bigger than itself, so it can also be called the n>n number. if ( thisVal == "" || thisVal < 0 || thisVal > 9 || thisVal %1 != 0 ) { It’s not merely that you evolved to have a handy perceptual system. natural numbersThe set of all positive whole numbers, which can be used to count individual objects. Beyond the infinity known as ℵ 0 (the cardinality of the natural numbers) there is ℵ 1 (which is larger) … ℵ 2 (which is larger still) … and, in fact, an infinite variety of different infinities. The answer I come back to is for god to show you his power.

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