Flat-Rate shipping. $19.99 FLEECE LIMITED TIME SPECIAL SELECT STYLES ONLY CLICK HERE TO SHOP. Shop Cal Poly Mens and Womens Apparel, Clothing, Gear and Merchandise at the Bookstore. Note:The Bronco Bookstore is not responsible for subsequent textbook/course materials changes if students buy from another source based on information posted on our site. PLEASE NOTE that the student's financial aid package must exceed their financial obligation to the university for the current semester in order to qualify for the book charging program. The outstanding balance for Bookstore purchases in a current semester must be paid before a student can access this process in a future semester. The Bronco Bookstore, located in Building 66, offers Cal Poly Pomona emblematic clothing and gifts, sundries and snacks, textbooks, school supplies and a computer store. What is the Bookstore Financial Aid Charging Program? A hold will be placed on the student account for unpaid balances, preventing class enrollment in the following semester. However, we cannot and will not be held responsible for any customer service, return, or refund issues related to any online merchant other than ourselves. Rental Textbook Return Info. *Bronco Bookstore provides this information as a service to our customers. Logo Brands. Student charges in the Bookstore for authorized purchases will be added to the student's account and paid when the financial aid funds are disbursed. Shop Cal Poly Apparel, Textbooks, Merchandise and Gifts at the Bookstore. 01 02 03. What items are allowed to be charged for this program? Eligible purchases can be made with your Bronco ID card. Rental Textbook Return Info. Cal Poly … When financial aid is disbursed, the sequence of payments will be: When will the Bookstore balance need to be paid? PLEASE NOTE HOURS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME, *HOURS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME TO MEET CURRENT CONDITIONS STATE OR COUNTY MANDATED CONDITIONS, Bronco Bookstore Financial Aid/Student Accounts Charging Program, In-store Shopping Health and Safety Measures. The Bronco Bookstore’s mission is to provide the latest goods services and technologies at the lowest possible prices consistent with sound business policy. This program will allow students to obtain required course materials and begin doing assignments while waiting for financial aid awards or other sources of funding. The intention is to make it easy and convenient for students awaiting aid disbursements to get their materials at the start of classes. What is the process for charging items? PROM CODE "BOGO". Thanks to innovative programs & partnerships between the CSU, publishers, and e-book providers, Bronco Bookstore helps Cal Poly Pomona students save as much as 60-80% compared to print books on … California State Polytechnic University, Pomona students, purchase or rent your NEW/USED digital textbooks from Bronco Bookstore or BroncoBookstore.com. Sometimes we do not have enough stock in one condition and need to default to another condition in order to fulfill your order and insure you have all your needed course materials. More Close. ... Cal Poly Youth Bucket Hat. Shop Cal Poly Mens Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Crewnecks, and Fleece at the Bookstore. NEW, USED, DIGITAL etc. Shop Cal Poly New, Used, Rental and Digital Textbooks at the Bookstore. ... Cal Poly Disposable Face Mask 6 Pack. Pick Up Options & Store Hours. 30% OFF COLLEGE OF SWEATERS & T-SHIRTS CLICK HERE TO SHOP. Automatic Teller Machines … At Bronco Bookstore we strive to ensure we provide the exact materials selected by your course faculty at fair and competitive prices. You must authorize the Bookstore in writing to participate in the process. What is the limit to the amount that can be charged? Books and supplies such as pens, pencils, scantrons, or other designated educationally related supplies are eligible for the program. Are the Bookstore charges the first charges to be paid on the student's account? CHECK OUT OUR CPP PET CATALOG 30% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME SHOP HERE! There is a maximum of $500 of usable funds per semester. Carrier Shipping Delays. The Bookstore Charging Program is a new service that will allow students who receive financial aid to have course materials purchased through the Bookstore charged to their student account against pending aid disbursements. Failure to pay all charges on your Student Account will prevent you from registering for future courses and a hold will be placed on all your academic records. Currently enrolled CPP (regular university only, not Extended University) students registered in greater than zero units who have been awarded financial aid that has not yet been disbursed may choose to use this program. Flat-Rate Shipping. You will be held responsible for full payment for your textbooks if you become ineligible for Financial Aid or if your aid is not sufficient to cover your account balance as well as for changes in enrollment status, or withdrawal from the university. USED books may or may not include related CD’s, and do not include other items such as one-time use access codes for web sites etc. $14.00 SELECT OPTIONS. $9.99 OR LESS T-SHIRTS CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

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