Our mission is to assist landowners with the removal of destructive wildlife while abiding by all applicable laws and regulations. Crows are not included in that definition as they have an open and closed crow season in Ohio. These days some people think of the birds as equals to Austin's beloved bridge bats. If they are truly causing you problems, you can call your local game warden and usually get a depredation permit to get rid of them. Highly independent, intelligent and stubborn, grackles are about 12 inches long and weigh about 4 ounces. 123, § 9; Laws 1970, Ch. If you can’t tolerate them for a few weeks in spring and fall, take down your feeders for a while when grackles are abundant. They will likely leave to find an easy meal elsewhere. It just depends on the state. You read that correctly, if they annoy you, you can shoot them. Swarms of grackles are not an uncommon sight or sound in many Texas cities. All species of blackbirds, cowbirds, starlings, crows, grackles, and English sparrows may be killed without a permit when such birds are committing or about to commit depredations on shade or ornamental trees or agricultural crops. A grackle bird may be found splashing around in a grackle pond. Killing them is illegal, though they can be moved if they because a … Several large produce farms in the area have large shooting parties throughout the year, and the Grackles, cowbirds and starlings get thinned dramatically. All other birds are protected by federal and state laws. CREDIT(S) Laws 1932, Ch. Anyway, here’s a sampling of Austin grackle-hate: “Please stop looking at me that way.” "I don’t think anything's ever going to change my opinion of grackles," he laughs. from and after passage (approved April 3, 1970). 280, § 1, eff. About Grackles. Grackles are a federally-protected bird, covered by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Back to Table of Contents a landowner may, without a pesticide-use permit, shoot or trap the following depredating migratory birds that are damaging agricultural crops, livestock, or ornamental or shade trees: cowbirds, crows, grackles, and red-winged blackbirds. Welcome to the online home of the Texas Crow Patrol, a trio of highly effective crow shooters banded together to protect our great state's valuable food crops from ravenous hordes of crows and other undesirable varmints. Special thanks to Julie Craves , our fabulous "Since You Asked" columnist, for her help with all of our grackle questions. Video shows a swarm of grackles dominating a parking lot area in Fort Worth, Texas suburb Burleston on January 24, prompting a shocked woman to say: 'This is just [expletive] crazy.' As far as just shooting them for fun, that is likely a no-no. There's grackle graffiti, grackle T-shirts, even a bar named "the Grackle." If you find birds attacking the adults, eggs or nestlings, what you can do depends on the perpetrators. I can assure you that we have millions of grackles and endless taco variations in Houston too. But Burns isn't buying it. This is part two of our two-part ATXplained story on grackles. Some states it is perfectly legal to shoot grackles. In Houston they pop up by the thousands and go viral around this time of year. Grackles live year-round in the southeastern U.S., especially in Texas and Florida, migrating to surrounding northern areas to breed in the summer months. (credit: CBSDFW.COM) Grackle birds are very homely, and mostly stay around their home pond. Eliminate house sparrows and starlings. You may not harass or otherwise harm hawks, owls, falcons, crows, grackles, jays and shrikes.

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