Followers 0. Moreover, the battery pack needs periodic charging cycles when not in use. The CPC can access your car's battery supply via a cigarette lighter (12v) outlet, but I found that unrealistic. My CPC 800 was outfitted with the optional Celestron HP Pro Wedge, Star Seance, and the Celestron Wifi dongle. There’s enough natural focal length to get really detailed views of bright Solar System objects with a modest set of eyepieces Our rating . Celestron was obliged to update its dated product line by the existence of that presumptuous upstart, Meade Instruments. Member Equipment Reviews ; First Light Celestron CPC-800 GPS Facebook; Twitter; Stargazers Lounge Uses Cookies . Choose your book when you subscribe to BBC Sky at Night Magazine today! I’ve owned three of them myself, and have never hesitated to recommend them to others. … Like most websites, SGL uses cookies in order to deliver a secure, personalised service, to provide social media functions and to analyse our traffic. Celestron’s CPC-800 FORKMOUNTED 8" SCT JRCRILLY 2/28/2006 Celestron’s 8" and 11" Nexstar GPS models have been in use for about 5 years, and are generally considered very capable. One of the earliest products of this reluctant renaissance was the modestly-named Super C-8+, which addressed a few long-standing deficiencies in the design. Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy. The CPC line of Celestron telescopes are made to compete directly with Meade’s LX-200 line of fork mounted SCT’s. Thus, an exterior Celestron battery pack is necessary, which adds to an extra expense. Write a Review . Celestron CPC Deluxe 1100HD review. The Celestron CPC 800 GPS may look daunting to build, however, Celestron has provided in-depth instructions for fuss-free construction, leaving the skywatcher fully guided through the process. Price correct at time of review. Astro Fi -CPC, CPC DX; CG-5 (with CG-5 Aux. splitter) -NexStar Evolution; CGE -NexStar GT (2015 models and newer with Aux. Celestron's battery system for powering the CPC HD 800 is superior to Meade's small 8 battery system. 4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5 £4,999 Skip to view deals. Reviews & Ratings for Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT Computerized 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope — 4 reviews — Page 1 (4 reviews) Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT Computerized 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope $3,397.95 $1,999.00 Save 41% View Product. More recently a 9.25" version was released with similar market acceptance. These are a no-compromise heavily duel arm mounted SCT’s that have GPS built in as well as GOTO. splitter) CGE Pro -NexStar SE Series; CGEM II -NexStar SLT ; CGEM, CGEM DX -SkyProdigy; CGX -LCM; Non-Compatible Mounts: NexStar i Series – NexStar GPS; Ultima 2000 – Early generation GoTo mounts – such as Compustar; The Unit Overview. Sign in to follow this .

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