If something happens in this step, for example the nut breaks or the angle causes the strings to sit too low to the fret board, you'll need to file your own nut. If I simply re-string it in reverse string order, will it have the right sound straight away? If this guitar was flipped around to be fretted with the right hand, the highest-pitched string would be at the top. © 2020 EzineArticlesAll Rights Reserved Worldwide, 6 Advantages of Downloading Songs From the Internet, Music Book Review - The World of Music by David Willoughby, Costa Blanca Arts Update - Claudi Arimany in Mozart and Marco Tezza in Schubert, The Four Frank Zappa Songs I Would Like Played At My Funeral, Different Ways to Present Identity on MySpace, Costa Blanca Arts Update - Zelia Rocha and Spanish Brass, Reflections on String Quartet No.1, Kreutzer Sonata, by Leos Janacek, How to Convert a Right-Handed Guitar to a Left-Handed Guitar, https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Seth_Baker/480812, http://ezinearticles.com/?How-­to-­Convert-­a-­Right-­Handed-­Guitar-­to-­a-­Left-­Handed-­Guitar&id=5354075. I've been looking into buying a classical guitar of a budget around £150 max as a means to test the waters, but it's been somewhat hard to find any left handed classical guitar… For electric guitars and basses, this process is much easier. This is an easy conversion to do, but you'll need to do more than just change the strings. The main thing is I'm a lefty and learned electric left handed, so my choices in guitars are somewhat limited. Active 3 years, 8 months ago. Once the strings are off, remove the nut (the little thing at the top of the neck). Platinum Author You may need to pry this out with a flat screwdriver. The guitar is a Fender Strat with the US Standard type tremelo. For electric guitars, you might want to reverse the directions of the pickups. To check intonation, you compare the pitch at the twelfth fret (octave) with the pitch of an open string. The saddles on classical guitar… Always use a tuner for this process, and don't forget to re-check the open-string tuning every time you make an adjustment to the string saddle. Would you like to convert a right-handed guitar to a left-handed guitar? Grosse Pointe Music Academy. This works for acoustics, electrics, and electric basses. I didn't bother to change the nut or the bridge, and this was part of my problem. 11 Articles, By In fact, on a classical guitar, the conversion may be as simple as restringing it. After they're installed, play for a while and give them time to go to their length. You can have a guitar shop do this, or you can purchase a file and do it yourself. First you need to remove the old strings. On acoustic guitars, you may need to alter the bridge to ensure correct intonation. Keep in mind that the original top is braced heavier, has a much larger bridge, has a bridge plate with 12 holes in it. The materials required to convert a guitar are new strings, a tuner, and wood glue. As a very young guitar player I did switch right-handed strings to left-handed on my guitar without giving it much thought. To learn more about left-handed acoustic, electric, and bass guitars., visit the Left Handed Guitar and Bass Guide. Practical Disadvantages of Playing a Left-Handed Guitar. In most cases a right handed instrument can be easily converted to a left handed instrument. Perhaps you're a lefty just dabbling in guitar playing and not yet ready to make an investment in a left-handed guitar. In short, the guitar sounded like a dying animal. Hi folks! While I believe that it's better to just buy a quality left-handed guitar, maybe you've found a right-handed guitar that you really like. Submitted On November 09, 2010. The string saddles are usually adjustable with a Phillips screwdriver. Once your glue dries, go ahead and install your new strings. To do this, usually you just need to unscrew the pick guard or pickup frames. The task at hand is to convert this guitar to left handed, which, by the way, presents no structural or tonal difficulties in most cases. Your email address will not be published. Viewed 2k times 0. Left-handed to Right-handed Electric Guitar Conversion - YouTube Most left-handed guitar and bass players are faced with this dilemma. Use your tuner to get close to the correct pitch. I went with the latter option. The strings wouldn't stay in tune. Best Left-handed Electric Guitar & Best Left-Handed Electric Guitar Brands Majority of human beings in the world is right-handed, and it only takes a short while for a left-handed person to … Hummingbirds Music Together Family Class Photos. The conventional 'right-handed' configuration has the lowest-pitched string at the top when the guitar is held with the neck in the left hand and the bridge near the right hand. I have a friend who will be borrowing my electric guitar and she's left handed. |   I got this right-handed Yamaha electric guitar but I'm a lefty. This article tells you how to do it... and do it right. Their luthier looked at it and shook his head. Would you like to convert a right-handed guitar to a left-handed guitar? Professional conversions would require the top and the neck to be replaced, which will exceed the cost of many moderately priced guitars as this is being done by a luthier, not in a factory where equipment does 90% of the work. But I converted it to a right-handed guitar by flipping the strings. All you need to do is adjust them until the pitches of the twelfth fret and open string match. That covers about everything you need to know about converting a righty guitar to a left-handed guitar. In addition to doing the work, he explained what needed to be done to convert a right-handed guitar to a left-handed guitar. Re-string Electric Guitar In Reverse For Left-Handed (Lefty) Ask Question Asked 4 years, 1 month ago. Seth Baker. Sometimes this is just a matter of getting a blank and filing it down. We will never sell or rent your email address. He said it would cost a couple hundred dollars to make it sound really good, but for about forty he could make it serviceable. These issues are the main points to consider when thinking about restringing a right handed guitar left handed, but they really are just the tip of the iceberg. Be careful not to lose the springs that allow for height adjustment. Re-string Electric Guitar In Reverse For Left-Handed (Lefty) Ask Question Asked 4 years, 1 month ago Active 3 years, 8 months ago Viewed 2k times 0 I got this right-handed Yamaha electric guitar but I'm … Eventually I swallowed my pride and visited a music store. If you are converting an expensive guitar (not recommended), take it to a luthier and let them do it. They should be the same. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Seth Baker  |   Stretch your strings a bit as you tighten them up. The nut has a groove sized for each string, and if you don't change it around, there will be play in the little strings and the big strings won't seat properly. You may also need a blank nut, a screw driver, sandpaper, and a truss rod adjuster. When I was learning to play, I didn't have a lot of money to invest in a high-quality guitar, so I went to the flea market and purchased the cheapest guitar I could find, a twenty-dollar acoustic. Once it's out, scrape out the crusty glue with a screwdriver or some sandpaper. For more information about left-handed guitars, check out the resource box below.

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