What is cytospora canker? I'm wondering two things: 1. The cause of the disease is a bacterial infection triggered by Pseudomonas syringae. this … Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). It may take several years for the canker to girdle the branch. To help avoid re-infection or spreading the infection, remove the grass and weeds from around the bottom of the plum trees. Aphids and other pests can also cause sap to drip from the branches. Can this be pruned successfully? Disease often enters the tree through the damaged bark. 2. Signs and symptoms of Cytospora canker Trees infected with the Cytospora canker fungus typically show scattered branch dieback, often starting on the lower branches or where trunk cankers are formed. Cytospora canker (or Valsa canker) is a very destructive peach disease that causes reduced yields and even death of trees. Then, inject a Bordeaux mixture into the plum trees to treat the cankers. Cankers can develop on the large branches or even the trunk and enlarge to the point where they’ll choke off and kill the part of the tree above them. There are a number of factors that may be to blame when a plum tree has sap oozing from the trunk. Visible first is the exudation of gum at the point of infection. To prevent mechanical damage, be careful when using mowers, weed trimmers, or other lawn equipment. If your plum tree is bleeding sap, it may be affected by canker, or by other forms of fungal or bacterial diseases, like pseudomonas. Though considered primarily a peach disease in New York, Valsa canker can also infect apricots, plums, prunes, and sweet and sour … Burn the infected wood or throw it in the trash. The fungus attacks the woody parts of stone fruit trees through bark injuries, pruning cuts, dead shoots, and buds. I moved here four years ago but this is the first year of this invasion. – Benton County. This illustrated tutorial may help you determine how you want to prune it. The first sign of cankers is oozing light-amber gum near the infection point beginning in April or early May. Cut away the bark and remove the infected areas using a sharp knife. Trees often ooze sap at a spot injured by lawn and garden equipment. Cankers enlarge more along the length than the width of the branch. Winter is here and yet we’re still getting plenty of gardening questions to Ask an Expert, an online question-and-answer tool from Oregon State University’s Extension Service. Prevent further infection, do your summer pruning after harvest so that the weather is dry. All rights reserved (About Us). A sunken canker forms on branches and is often coated in a thick layer of resin. You'll risk rain and water splash-back that could infect other parts of the tree or surrounding trees. This fungus is often present in healthy branches. However, if you notice your plum tree is bleeding sap, your tree may have a problem that should be solved as soon as possible. OSU Extension faculty and Master Gardeners reply to queries within two business days, usually less. Borers can affect healthy trees, but they are more common on trees that are weakened by drought, sunscald or injury. Bacterial canker of plum is actually a disease that can affect any tree from the Prunus genus. Is it something I did wrong with my lawn care?? You can locate these by looking for a seam or scar along the stem, or where a leaf is growing from. Subscribe to OregonLive. – Chris Rusch, OSU Master Gardener, Q: This plant is at least 30 years old, in too small of a pot (the pot will have to be broken to get it out), and stands almost 10 feet tall. Canker in plum trees comes from an invasive fungus, which can eventually eat away at and kill your plum trees if left untreated. Several types of borers, like peach tree borers, can infect plum trees. All Rights Reserved. Community Rules apply to all content you upload or otherwise submit to this site. Yuck. Investigate other fungicides if you keep farm animals near your plum trees or if your trees are located near a water source. Bark often splits along the canker margin as the tree is defending itself and callus formation occurs. A: Plum trees are normally relatively sappy trees, so a little sap leaking from plum trees may not be reason for alarm. Place tools in a solution of one part bleach and four parts water. Hot, dry conditions in summer or sunscald in winter can stress the tree and may be the cause for a plum tree oozing sap. Other names for the disease are blossom blast, spur blight, twig blight, and gummosis. – Marion County, A: Thanks for your question about pruning a Schefflera or umbrella tree. Don’t remove cankers during wet, rainy weather. It produces tasty plums but the leaves weren't looking so good toward the end of summer. Please help me identify what type of plant this is. To ask a question, simply go to the OSU Extension website and type in a question and the county where you live. Yes, you can prune it – in fact they take very well to pruning, and this is a great way to keep it to manageable size. Here are a couple publications to check out: Here and here. Water your plum tree adequately, too. – Ann Kinkley, OSU Extension Master Gardener. Some yard products are lethal to worms and you will find them squirming on the surface of the soil if they have been poisoned, but I presume that is not what has happened at this time of the year. Cut out small cankers in the summer. You’ll risk rain and water splash-back that could infect other parts of the tree or surrounding trees. What’s yours? The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. The canker forms from a small necrotic center that slowly enlarges with the collapse of the inner bark tissue. Canker in plum trees comes from an invasive fungus, which can eventually eat away at and kill your plum trees if left untreated. Cytospora canker is a type of common fungal disease that often affects trees weakened by drought, severe weather, or injury caused by improper pruning or a lawnmower blade. Help fund crucial watchdog journalism. Prevention is just as important as treatment when one of your plum trees has canker.

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