Knits Here are a few of my favorites in my current stash: Knits are easy for form fitting garments, wrinkle resistant, and have a super soft hand. X Research source If you must fold a rayon garment, try to fold along the clothing’s seams, and don’t put too many other items on top of they rayon. Linen Fabric Care: Use a gentle wash cycle and avoid using bleach to protect linens. Fabric Care: Cotton Fabric Care: Cotton comes in many patterns and colors and is used for everything. Since I started sewing, I have had a bad habit of buying any rayon I see in fabric stores. Wrinkles seem to just fall out of the fabric with just your body heat so rayon challis tends to make you look more put together and polished than if you were wearing a linen or cotton or other fabric that wrinkles easily. Cotton has a tendency to wrinkle very easily, so cotton/polyester blends are popular. Rayon challis is used in all those drapey sundresses you see at the mall and in a ton of beautiful blouses. Most are non-reoderable and at this time do not offer swatches because of quick turnover. Cotton is machine washed and tumble dried at high temperature. We will be updating as we receive new fabrics. Wrinkles fall out of rayon challis after just a few minutes of wear, so it’s ideal for travel clothing. Keep in mind that we source for designer deadstock fabrics and trending fabrics offered in LA garment district. Rayon isn’t really inclined to wrinkle when hung properly, and should be stored vertically to prevent any creasing of the fabric.

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