But being a condenser, you can expect it to do well on sources like vocals, drum OH, and acoustics. Hercules exclusively engaged in the production of stands for all musical instruments and studio audio equipment, the quality of the company’s products is on a level with the German manufacturer K&M (Koenig & Mayer) which is known for its unmatched quality. And of course, Atlas Sound MS25E will fit perfectly in pair with Atlas Sound boom arm PB21XEB, because you can easily wind this top bar to MS25E stand. Samson MB1 is a low base mic stand of mid-range price. You really wouldn’t notice how important a mic stand is nor how remarkably easy it is to lose your mind until your mic stand can’t stay still and balanced, or the mic … We have included On Stage DS7200B in our list due to the round base of this stand, you can lock your microphone in any position and this stand will not tip in the case of most desktop stands with tripod type of base. We just want to note that the trip table stands (or stands with round base) take some place on your desk this stand for microphone can “interfere”, for instance, with your computer mouse, keyboard or other device, while scissor boom arm stand is attached to the side of the table and does not occupy much of your desk space because the microphone is in the air. And we have no doubt about the quality MS7700B, just want to note that this is not the first and not the last stand from On Stage in our list. Excelvan BM-800 Condenser Studio Recording Microphone and Shock Mount Holder Blue. If you think we forgot to mention any device – please write us about it in the comments section and we will expand our article. For instance, in case the person wants to purchase the stand for general use, Samson MK-10 is a nice option. Samson MB1, compared to Hamilton SR610121B, has not so many differences, but they do exist. It has a hidden pole inside the stand that can be angled to become a boom arm or adjusted to standard microphone stand… As for the functionality, the size of boom arm is 15” (38cm) and the stand is adjustable from 11” (28cm) to 17” (43cm). ----------------------- Microphone Boom stand on tripod base K&M 25200-500-55 is produced by one of the leading manufacturers of accessories and components for professional music equipment K&M (Germany). The stand is made of very quality materials, so we included it in our list. You can read a very large amount of positive feedback on the Amazon store. Ultimate Support MC-125. Threaded upper shaft is 5/8’ which is suitable for every standard microphone holder, shock mount. But mostly they have a base with 3 or 4 legs (tripod type of base). For recording musical instruments, it is applied shortcut analogues of Classic Microphone Boom Stands, which also has a height and tilt adjusters (for example, to record a drum barrel or toms, or to record cello). Enhance … We hope you can pick up a microphone stand, which is perfect for your situation and your needs. Also included is a 5/8 Male to 3/8 Female adapter that will allow you to attach any microphone holder. It doesn’t matter if you are an orator or a recording artist; eventually, you will need a good mic stand. Accessories. The housing of K&M 25200-500-55 is made of high quality metal alloy with aluminium, to provide a durability for many years. The popularity of this manufacturer is due to the high-quality products, durability and very easy use. This type of stands will look perfect with vintage microphones such as Shure 55SH. Key Features: Heavy base weighs 35lbs. This On Stage stand has folding legs and every leg has rubber tips to improve adhesion with the floor. Pros: Tall, two levels of height adjustment, cable holder reduces clutter. Table stand Ammoon MS-12 is the cheapest table stand in our list from the Chinese manufacturer Ammoon. The German brand K&M has become known since it produces a large number of various accessories and stands for music equipment that can be used in the professional music industry. The stand available in two colors: black and chrome. It is important that flat microphone stands are durable as they cannot break (there’s just nothing to break). Table stands are divided into two types: tripod desktop stands (or they have a small round weighted base) and scissor boom arm stands. A regular, c-shaped mic clip quickly secures a standard microphone onto a mic stand or boom and can be attached and detached multiple times during a performance. Also, there are so many useful accessories which will be very useful for your microphone – you can read about them under the bonus section at the end of our article. The Best High-End Mic Stands ($100+) While you might call them overkill for a typical home studio… The fact is that pro studios are more than happy to pay top-dollar for premium mic stands…because if you can afford them, they’re worth every penny.. Even though this stand is primitive in design, On Stage MS7700B has many interesting design features. Also, you may need a pop filter if you buy a microphone stand for a studio – in this case we have an article about 15 Best Pop Filters on the market. This combination you have seen for sure in old movies of the 50-ies – 70-ies. Hercules MS533B is a premium quality microphone boom stand with tripod type of base from Hercules company. One of these options you can configure on the Amazon store by clicking on the link below. We have included this stand in our list as compared with other table stands with tripod type of base it will not turn your microphone because of its sophisticated design (most tripod table stands cannot cope with the weight of the microphone and the consequence of the fall can damage your expensive microphone). For the second type, we have a very long article, which you can find on our website and pick a perfect scissor boom arm stand. Atlas Sound MS25E has maximum adjustable height up to 62” (1.6 m). Samson MK-10 has a tripod type of base and is made of light metal allowing you to easily transport the stand, all the components and details of very high quality. Before making a list of best microphone stands, our editorial team has studied many reviews on online stores from users, and we also relied on our experience with microphone stands. Samson MK-10 is one of the most popular stands in the world from a well-known manufacturer of microphones Samson Technologies. Ultimate Support JS-MCTB200 stand is made of quality materials and has durable metal die-casting housing.

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