Where there is demand – it calls for supply. We have found far too many do not figure the cost of there own labor and end up not being sustainable. The key to layer farming profits. Obviously I could not make a calculator that would list all the aspects of quail keeping costs as there could be various onetime costs depending on your circumstances. We retail eggs for $4/dozen and seasonally wholesale a portion of our eggs so we’re really looking at a gross of $19.50 and a net of $10.25/day, again, before labor. To estimate the number of eggs you'll collect, enter the breed of chicken and it's approximate age. Feed cost is generally estimated to be about 75 percent of the production cost of eggs. Calculate and see the cost per piece. The number that remains is what you make after paying yourself whatever number you submitted. In calculating the production costs the continuation of the company is the basic principle in which costs of investments are calculated on replacement value. Which carton has cheaper eggs per piece? Total annual costs: Cost per bird: Please contact Jennifer Hashley ( jennifer.hashley@tufts.edu or 978-654-6745) with any questions or comments about the Poultry Profit Calculator. Well, our little calculator will give you an idea of your average egg production that you can expect too. Now, if I were following my own advice, I'd try to build a coop for six hens for a target price of $150, including materials and labor. The egg dealers said the increase in egg production in its key market, Kenya, has led to a reduction in demand for the country’s eggs amidst a surging cost of production. Production cost is the total cost to produce a certain number of eggs. Calculator #3: Egg Production Estimate. The reason we ask for your labor cost is because it is calculated against the net profit of chickens. Egg handling – $1.89 Those costs total $9.265/day or $0.154/sellable egg (60 eggs/day annual average)…$1.85 per dozen before labor. Chicken are most productive during their first year of laying, but will produce eggs for many years past this peak period. Please insert the average egg production as percentage of the number of hens: Number of eggs per day: eggs: With the number of hens and the productivity entered above, this is how many eggs you produce per day. The main concern for farmers during this period is probably whether or not the proceeds from the sale of eggs cover feed and rearing costs. Comparing feed and rearing costs and egg proceeds for a week or a month may give an indication of profitability or loss. Doing so (and you’ll want to do it regularly) puts you in the best position to: 1. The unit can differ per country: in the US normally per dozen and in many European countries one kilogram (or 16 eggs). To compare: • In Item1, write stall name and "8 eggs" in the item field. Revenue of chicken egg production in the U.S., 2008-2013 National egg production flock share Australia 2018 by state Average expenses of poultry and egg farms in Canada 2013-2018 Example 2: - At the market, you see two cartons of free-range eggs: one with 8 eggs for $2.55 and the other with 6 eggs for $2.05. D. from Kenya. Then write 8 in the number of pieces, and 2.55 in the price. I usually just say $2. Choose the most profitable pricing for your eggs. So to keep the "coop cost" under, say, 5 cents an egg, shoot for construction costs of (.05 * 500) / 4 = $6.25 per square foot. I recently picked up an enquiry from a reader requesting: I want a business plan for 200 birds for egg production. The above is one major benefit you stand to gain by knowing how to CORRECTLY calculate your Cost of Egg Production. Calculating Layer hen egg production # Egg production. The calculator will estimate: 2.

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