HP bayld is also a guaranteed drop from WKRs, meaning that if you feel confident enough to gain more than 5k bayld in a WKR, it's more efficient than buying. Froggis: San d'Oria 10 | Breaker of the Chains Final Stage 1451/9999 hp bayld, 1.48m/2.5m plasm ... Bayld can be turned into High Purity Bayld, at something like 10k Bayld to 1 HP Bayld. Especially now that SE will let us change reward rings for 300k bayld (that's 30 hp bayld per change). Alexandrite *30000. 6 people with perf+plouton pop can do 36 trigs before having to do garbage zones again. more. Power Leveling. Sure you can get lucky at each reive, but the chances are low. HP Bayld is able to be sold to other players. and to invest around 24 hours to obtain maybe 1 or 2 stacks isnt worth the time. Lastest News F.A.Q. 2.Please list out any gil type items than can be sold on Auction or Bazaar. Staff members Funkworkz and Spicyryan discussed their origins on how they both joined BGWiki's crew back in the early 2010s, the beginnings of BG Wiki itself, as well as what lead us to the point we are today. For every Mythic or Relic weapon there is an event where you can actually farm the required pieces at least efficient once per day, yet there is none for Bayld. IE: HP Bayld, Ifrit Ring+1, Dark Matter, HQ Abjurations, Dynamis Currency, Alexandrite, (this section can account for up to 80% of the account quote, please list all items over 1m in value for the most accurate quote) You will be able to cap your bayld as well just from taking hits and getting cured. I would once again like to echo how rare the hp bayld are and how highly priced they are. Siren. High-Purity Bayld x10000. more. 302.9899 299.99 . Everyone gets 10k for killing him and redeeming the KI, can make it a ~12 minute cycle for 50k bayld/hr. HP bayld is a frequent drop if you spam reives, I've been seeing 1/5 drop rate doing lair reives in a loop around marjami. Hello Dev-Team, please consider some more ways to acquire H-P Bayld. 116.15 115. FFXIAH is a website showing the Auction House history & current items for sale in-game, as well as a forum community among other things. BGWiki was featured on Episode 4 of the new Final Fantasy XI Podcast "WTF In Vana'diel"! Plouton is a pretty fast way to farm bayld too, if you have a group with access.

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