With the fruits similar to figs in size an apple in taste with some tanginess, this phenomenal fruiting tree can reach a height of 40 feet. It’s the national fruit of Japan and why not it’s nutritious and very unique in taste. It does well in full sun to partial shade in the slightly acidic to neutral potting medium. It’s very drought tolerant and doesn’t mind poor soil. What Does GMO Stand For And Are They Safe To Eat? I want to share my successes to help others create their own backyard food forest. The bright pink outer shell with scales give the fruit a unique, appealing look. Ranging from white to yellow to orange the flowers are very showy and charming. It takes as much as 40 years to test cultivars for hardiness and taste. Locate it in full sun and well-draining sandy-loamy soil, it grows well in poor hard clayey soils as well. Other Names: Imlee, Imli, Tamarin, Tamarindo, Tamarindus indica, Tamarinier, Tamarinier d’Inde, Tintiri. Can grow in many soil types such as deep sandy, loamy or even arid soil but won’t tolerate acidic substrate. There are many varieties available for both cold and hot climates. Also, note that the fruits of the Chinese jujube varieties are sweeter and bigger than their Indian cousins. It’s one of the best drought tolerant fruit trees, which can grow quite tall. For every fruit that ... Read More about 16 Fruit Trees for Zone 3 with Great Tasting Fruit! If you live at such a place or really a busy person who can’t about trees growing in your yard, then these low maintenance and drought tolerant fruit trees are … Longan: Dimocarpus longan A tree related to Lychee, but with less tasty fruit. Given proper care, it can stay alive for more than 200 years. Trees tolerant of hot, dry conditions. It’s a drought tolerant plant but adequate watering during fruiting is required. It flourishes best in hot climates and requires full sun to part shade. Grow it where it can receive 6-8 hours of sun each day in a well-draining sandy or loamy soil. The grapevine is very common and grown commercially for wine production, juice production, and table grapes. This large shrub or small tree can be grown in containers as well, the height will be reduced to 6-8 feet. Other Names: Chinese pear, Nashi pear, Japanese pear, Korean pear, Taiwanese pear, Zodiac pear. In cool climates, you can keep it indoors in winters while growing it in containers. Yummy isn’t it! Juicy fruits also have a thirst quenching quality to them. Your writing seems to be totally an inspiring one. It gets this unique name “Wood Apple” because of the hard woody outer shell of the fruit. Stake the plant when it is young to help it grow straight. Remember, Indian jujube varieties are more drought and heat tolerant than Chinese varieties. They are easy to plant in both garden and containers. Other Names: Edible Fig, Common Fig, تين عادي, Anjeer, פיקוס התאנה. It’s not just by chance that mango became king of fruits. If growing on the ground, in the initial growing period, water it regularly, but once the tree has established deep watering once in a week in a warm climate is sufficient. It suffers damage from frost and cold so provide shelter if growing in a cool climate. The Best Compost Bin Selections For Your Organic Materials, What Is A Community Garden: The Concept And Its Benefits, Important Gardening Terms You Need to Know. It’s found in recent research that grapevine is very drought resistant and can tolerate heat easily. It needs sturdy support as its a vining plant. For a fruiting and thriving plant locate it in a sunny spot. This is the fruit tree that thrives on neglect. The beans in the foot long pod are surrounded by white and smooth cotton-ish pulp that resembles the taste of vanilla ice cream. Other Names: Black Plum, Duhat, Eugenia cumini, Eugenia jambolana, Indian Blackberry, Jambolan Plum, Jambolao, Jambose, Jambosier, Jambu, Jambul, Jamum, Java Plum, Jumbul, Prune de Java, Rose Apple, Syzygium cumini, Syzygium jambolanum, Syzygium jambos. It’s a wild tree, which can tolerate drought and poor soil easily. The beans are used in traditional medicines for treating dysentery,  diarrhea, and reliving arthritic joints pains. Constantly look out for common pests such as mites, aphids, scale, whitefly, and mealy bugs. Other Names: St. John’s Bread, Carob, Locust Bean, Locust Tree, خَرُّوبٌ, חרוב‬, Carob Bush. Other Names: Chinese Date, Indian Plum, Malay Jujube, Indian Cherry, Korean Date, Ber, Dunks, Masau. Put your fig tree at a spot where it can receive around 6-8 hours of direct sun. Other Names: Japanese medlar, nispero, Maltese plum, Japanese plum, 盧橘, pipa. Trees are a great addition to almost any garden, creating structure and seasonal interest. While it can tolerate a season of drought easily, keeping the soil slightly moist let the plant remain in optimum condition. The fruits are a rich source of fiber and vitamin C. *It holds a religious value in Hinduism. Fruits are also rich in fiber, potassium, antioxidants and vitamin C making it invaluable. Gardens provide a sanctuary and respite from the busy world and planting trees are adapted to hotter, drier climates could be useful to these changing climatic conditions. Other types of trees that also do well are apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines and figs. When the plant is young, water regularly, established mango trees are extremely drought tolerant. Make sure the climate is warm enough and sunny if you plant it outdoors. Fruits, seeds, flower, leaves, and bark all are utilized in making medicine. In hot and arid areas availability of water even for regular chore is difficult sometimes, forget about watering plants.

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