The Dorsett is known for reliable production every year, so you will not be lacking on your vitamins. Thank you for your service. All Rights Reserved. Way before Moon Valley Nurseries opened in 1995, our owner and his grandfather developed custom root stock guaranteed to produce excellent tasting fruit and plentiful harvest every year. Most people try to find a fruit tree that both looks great and also produces their favorite fruits. Modern Landscape is headquartered in Reverence Summerlin Las Vegas. Yes, you can grow fruit trees in Las Vegas. Depending on your particular needs you can choose to transplant a fully grown fruit tree or start one out from a seedling and watch it grow over the years. Be sure to ask about these varieties and the many more we carry that are perfect for Southern Nevada. I will spotlight the fruit trees growing in my garden and include fruit trees that I happen upon in the valley. the City of Las Vegas. Since 2004 our family-owned company has been landscaping Las Vegas yards – flipping dirt for style and reinvigorating the tired. Some people are surprised at the amount each tree can produce and they end up with far more than they can use. Plant them right and you will reap all the benefits of a healthy tree. Some fruits that typically work well include pomegranates, apricots, peaches, plums, nectarines, persimmon, and figs. Shade tree's - ash, bottle, chase, African sumac,mesquite. Posted on Jun … Citrus varieties may also flourish, although they are more susceptible to winter frost. The rootstock is extremely important when talking about fruit trees as this is what your trees are grafted on. Choosing your fruit trees can be a simple process as long as you have all the information about each type of tree and how they will grow in your climate. © 2020 Modern Landscape Las Vegas. Here’s what you need to know before you grow. The tree is self-fertile with blooms producing in early spring and the fruit ripening in late spring to early summer. Low Chill Fruit Trees. One factor to be considered is called “Winter Chill Hours” and are expressed as “Low (400 or less), Moderate (400 to 700) and High (over 700) hours of winter temperatures below 45 ˚ F. The lower the winter chill requirement for a tree is, the better the chance for high production in our climate. We proudly support our military and offer military discounts for our landscaping services. Some varieties of apple or cherry trees will also thrive but be sure that you choose the right type before buying. Many of the most common fruit trees originated in desert or semi-desert regions and, with a little help, will grow as well here as anywhere. Mailing Address: Many growers take shortcuts when it comes to this process, so they can grow their trees faster and get them to the nursery quicker. The Santa Rosa plum is the best, easiest to grow, and most reliable producer that can be grown in both warm and hot regions of the U.S, which makes it right at home in our region. If your landscape needs a change, send us a message and hire our family of landscapers and designers to create a space ready for your family’s stories to be written in. This beautiful and creative idea will improve the look of your property and also allow you to enjoy your favorite fruits year after year. This variety was first developed through selective breeding to thrive and produce in the warm climates of Israel. The hot and dry weather of Las Vegas is ideally suited for several different types of fruit trees including apricots, peaches and plums. Also grown successfully are apples, nectarines, peaches, pears, pecans, pistachios, plums and scores of lesser known fruits. (Samantha Clemens/Las Vegas Review-Journal) The varieties listed below are all considered low-chill fruit trees, which makes them some of the best fruit varieties to plant now! Visit Moon Valley Nurseries and try some apples, peaches, plums and more. Updates. Tree canopies help to reduce energy demands, reduce water demands, reduce local air temperatures, reduce air pollution, provide habitat for birds, and create beautiful, shady urban environments. The medium-sized tree features a coat of brilliant white blossoms in early spring with fruit ready for harvest by late spring to early summer. Lemons are your fastest growers and Meyer (not actually a … The Anna apple is perfectly suited for nearly all warmer regions world-wide. 2658 Evolutionary Lane Shade trees can help us find relief from the outdoor heat. No matter what types of fruit you enjoy, it can most likely be grown as part of a Las Vegas landscaping plan. Fruit tree order forms can be obtained by e-mailing the college at or calling … Las Vegas, NV 89138. It is important to know which varieties will do best in the environment of which … Open today until 7:00 PM. Types of Fruit Trees in Nevada Deciduous fruit trees can do quite well in Las Vegas weather conditions. One problem which some people run into is that if you want to eat the fruit of the trees you often have to protect it by using some sort of pesticides. Grow fruit trees in your backyard, and you can have a better quality of life! Deciduous fruit trees do surprisingly well here in the Desert. While Bottle Trees are Native to Australia rather than Nevada, they are still some of the best trees for Las Vegas. Some of the best to grow are almonds, apricots, figs and pomegranates. Fruit tree's - apple, apricot, peach, palm, pomegranate, nectarine, lemon. Each year after planting, this tree will provide more and more fruit! Black Mission Fig trees have lots of foliage that can create plenty of shade coverage. The Dorsett apple has similar blooms and ripening schedules as the Ana apple. Topics: All rights reserved. Just keep in mind that you need to apply the pesticides as instructed by the manufacturer and there should be no problems. We don't do shortcuts here at Moon Valley Nurseries, so you can only find excellent tasting fruit trees guaranteed to produce at the Moon. The best trees for Las Vegas are those that are heat-tolerant and can survive in low water conditions. Some types of fruit trees need more water or cooler temperatures to survive. The trees … Since we live in a warmer climate, we experience lower chill hours than other parts of the country. Citrus and Fruit, LOW CHILL FRUIT TREES PERFECT FOR Las Vegas, excellent tasting fruit trees guaranteed to produce at the Moon. Grapefruit are less cold sensitive than other citrus trees and varieties like Marsh, Oro Blanco and Rio work well here. Some types of fruit trees need more water or cooler temperatures to survive.

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