Customers who bought this … Anyway, I needed, at the very least, … Your message * Send. I am very happy with my current FX Audio D802, but it does NOT take analog input (it sells itself as full digital amplifier). Manufacturing: FX-Audio D802 . I bought an Audio Technica Turntable, and want to hook it up to my speakers. My Cambridge Audio A300 keeps dropping the right channel out, and definitely needs to go to the doctor. The FX Audio … It was intermittent for ages, but now is beyond a joke. See more reviews * Title. The cutting amplification of the D802 uses an original STMicroelectronics chip, in this case the STA326, a sophisticated model that also has thirty two preset … This review has been posted for FX-AUDIO D802C PRO Amplifier FDA Bluetooth 4.2 NFC Class D STA326 2x80W 4 Ohm Silver.

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