All the other standard creatine advice seems to hold up in this and other studies. This causes you to be heavier, and for your muscles to look bigger, even if you aren’t actually any stronger. Decide the proper creatine amount (loading & cycling) [credit: shutterstock] As the rule of thumb, you should consume 20 grams each day in a 5-day period. You can fix this simply by drinking more water or reducing your creatine intake. While you can safely take creatine for a while, there are some caveats and side effects you should know about if you’re going to be supplementing creatine in the long term. When you’re buying creatine, make sure that you’re getting pure, creatine … Choosing to cycle creatine has no proven benefits, and will only waste your supplements and make you spend more money. When you take creatine, your muscles keep stores of it to use as energy when it needs it. This being said, creatine is probably the most studied fitness supplement that exists, so you can rest assured that normal use of it is safe. There are two ways to take creatine. In your situation, as long as the total intake from those five weekdays that you take creatine, average out to something like 3–5 grams a day, I wouldn’t be worried. I personally feel this is the best time to take creatine; I subscribe to the thinking that there is a window of opportunity between 30 and 60 minutes after your workout, where your body is primed to absorb every gram of creatine and protein to repair itself from the epic workout that you just performed. The Creatine Cycle: Loading phase: 1-2 week duration; 10-20g of creatine each day According to the Mayo Clinic and other scientific journals, creatine is known to be safe to take for about 5 years. In addition, long-term administration with a daily dose of 3 to 5 g is safe. If you don’t know, here’s what creatine loading is. Optimal dosing still appears to be between 3-5 grams per day. A person taking a small 5-gram dose will likely retain creatine for a shorter duration than someone taking a 20-gram dose. If you take creatine in high doses for a long period of time, you could incur damage to your liver, kidneys, and heart. While long-distance runners might not be very concerned about increasing muscle mass for running, i.e. This means that the cells draw water from other parts of your body. However, charging phase strategies are unnecessary. Does Creatine Affect You Sexually? 4. A creatine cycle is where you do a loading phase, where you take about 20 grams/day of creatine, a maintenance phase, where you take about 5 grams/day for a few months. A lot of experts believe that you don't need to take a break from creatine. After these two phases, you stop taking creatine for a few weeks, before starting over at the loading phase. So save your money and take the smaller dose when and how you please. How long can you take creatine for without any harmful side effects? Personally, I’ve taken creatine for years and haven’t experienced any negative side effects. The point of this loading phase is to get a lot of creatine to your muscles quickly so that your body can start using it faster. Supplementing creatine any longer than this hasn’t been studied yet, so you can’t be sure that it’s safe. This is one of the things that bothers me about the fitness industry. For loading you should be taking 20-25 grams per day split up into 2-4 servings, for the first 4-7 days of using a creatine supplement. How long can you take creatine for without any harmful side effects? While these are some possible side effects of creatine, they’re not experienced by all users or even a lot of creatine users. If you take creatine and start with a 5 grams/day dose, it will take a few weeks for these stores to become saturated. Along with those reasons, it’s common to think that taking a break from creatine will lower your chances of harmful side effects. Here’s where creatine loading comes into play. While loading creatine is very beneficial, it’s not necessary to see results. If you stop taking creatine your muscles will slowly drop down to their normal creatine levels. The simple answer is that you can take creatine safely for up to 5 years. to the product. Then, you take a single serving (5 grams) to keep your muscles filled up. Creatine is found naturally in the human body, and it’s the most studied supplement out there, and it’s one of the safest supplements available to buy, even in the long term. When taking creatine, you can also experience muscle cramps. Get High-Quality Creatine. Typically, you will use 20 grams of creatine for a five day period, which will be the quickest way to stock up the stores in the body and get … Studies show that creatine levels in the body in the case of an intake of three to five grams daily after three to four weeks are just as high as after a higher dosage intake at the beginning. It’s not a steroid that will just quickly get you jacked. Stomach pain usually goes away after your body gets used to creatine, but if it’s too uncomfortable for you, stop taking creatine right away. Below, I’ll explain all of these in-depth. Is the Creatine Loading Phase Necessary? Many articles can be found on the Internet which advise against the continuous intake of creatine and instead recommend a so-called charging phase, beginning with a higher dosage and then reducing the dose after five to seven days. When you take it regularly, you run the risk of your body no longer responding to the supplement, and thus nullifying the results. That said, if you are concerned with how long creatine remains in plasma circulation, it is necessary to consider that dosage may have a slight influence on plasma retention. For normal use, you should take around 5 grams per day of creatine. whether or not you need to cycle creatine. Otherwise, creatine loading is great, but you should only do it for about a week, before going to a lower dose of 5 grams per day. However, do not take 20grams all at once. While you can take creatine for up to five years, doctors do have some concerns about its long term use. The goal of supplementing on rest days is to keep the creatine content of your muscles elevated. Below, I’ll go over the most common ones. Myths are spread by companies in order to make more money, even if they have no basis in truth. Before, I mentioned that some people cycle creatine. We recommend using creatine continuously. Creatine is great, and you can take it for a long time without side effects if you get the right brand. check out my article on every type of creatine. As you learned before, creatine can be used safely for up to 5 years, without a creatine cycle. A creatine loading phase may be the fastest way to benefit from the supplement’s effects. If you want to learn more, check out my article on every type of creatine and what their differences are! May Provide Quicker Results. There are no full long-term studies completely clearing creatine of any bad effects, but the short and medium term concensus is that creatine is very safe to use. The simple answer is that you can take creatine safely for up to 5 years. Here you will find a selection of Creapure products, which stands for high-quality, pure and safe creatine, manufactured in Germany. When starting to supplement with creatine, a “loading phase” … So, if you’re taking creatine at a normal dose, it’s known to be safe for up to 5 years. If you choose not to do a creatine loading phase the only benefit you’ll be losing out on is faster results. You can "load" for the first 5-7 days to help saturate your cells, but beyond that there's no benefit to taking large amounts. Usually the most common way people will take creatine is to start off with a loading phase which is designed to fully saturate the muscle's stores of creatine, then move onto a maintenance phase where you will lower the dose to keep levels where they need to be. I’ll go over this more in-depth below, but to put it shortly, cycling creatine isn’t necessary. The supplementation of creatine monohydrate has been proven to have positive effects on the body during the intake period and is rated as safe at the recommended daily dose. As I just mentioned, creatine causes your muscle cells to retain water. With that said, if you take creatine in a normal, 5 grams/day dose, you’re much less likely to be impacted by these side effects. Although you should keep in mind that creatine supplementation has not been around all that long, so we can't be 100% sure that there are no negative creatine side effects. In addition, long-term administration with a daily dose of 3 to 5 g is safe. If you want more info, here’s an article I wrote on whether or not you need to cycle creatine. ( For safe and maximum results). You have the option of doing a loading phase, where you take more starting off, which makes creatine effective a lot more quickly but isn’t necessary.

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