Wonderful article Saurabh. Knowing how to be awesome is knowing how to push yourself beyond your limits and discover the deeper depths within you. Commitment lead you towards mastery, I am read many tips for life changing but this tip is different . You guys can limit access to this endless universe using some productive apps like UBhind android app & Momentum chrome app. ), Relationships (with whom you spend your time e.g Family/Friends/Peers), Use of Media – TV, and the Internet. Congratulations The virtual world is totally different than the real world. I feel it interesting, your post gave me a new perspective! No need to shame us night owls. and staying focused helps in delivering the changes which you want to bring. I think commitment is a key, Hence you should look for something NEW & have a passion to explore it. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for sharing @saurabh. Surrounding yourself with constructive, kind, strong, and cherishing individual increases your energy level. I love these photos and the tips are great I especially like the ones about editing! A hectic weekday schedule increases stress level and creates anxiety about the things that we do. I personally do meditation using Sattva app, and I tell you, my friends, it’s an amazing app to do self-discovery. Thanks a lot for sharing. PrAsHaNtH, Your website do contain good information and thank you for sharing this information. Thank you for sharing them! He is also thinker, maker, life long learner, hybrid developer, edupreneur, mover & shaker. So, be talkative to yourself before you postpone your decisions or dreams; otherwise, be ready to get lots of FREE F*CK . Blind followers obviously will get FREE f*ck in the near future and when they realize it, they would already have lost most valuable assets called TIME. Thanks for sharing, thanks a lot, hope it will really help you in your life. Thanks, Really appreciate that you liked this article. Rise and Shine ? We are in a generation where formal education is losing its soul, I personally explored self directed learning and it’s taking good shape using MOOC’s. Keep it up. Thank you Saurabh! Congratulations on your work friend. ? Hugo, from Tracking Happiness, has written a comprehensive guide on what it means to build happiness and how to be happier.”. I’m personally using these apps; and, seriously, it helps me a lot to get rid of distraction [it’s not a paid endorsement ] Study shows IM is killing youth time, so we have to be more conscious about our time management. Nowadays, the internet & social media stop us from becoming the same but it’s not a difficult task to achieve it if you have a strong desire. I have read many other articles about the same topic, but your article convinced me! Spread love and humanity. This blog is really helpful to me . Life also has a BLOCK button like Facebook and Whatsapp its up to us to when to use it. A high dose of anything is always harmful and that is why we should not over-commit to lots of things. Is there any hidden secret or any magic class for the same? I believe a teacher plays a crucial role in human development, I still feel happy about my teachers, who were part of my old school & diploma days. What I believe is that giving freedom is more important in relationship along with trust and commitment because we are human and are born to live life with our own eyes not someone else’s. I thank you and appreciate all the advise you give to anyone who comes across your page. It is the execution of that potential. My pleasure, I desperately want to update this article as per current changing beliefs of mankind, Your email address will not be published. Pretty in depth stuff. I will try to make my life become more meaning, I will capture more value. I still don’t know why I studied Thermal Electronics, Mechanics, & Graphics, etc. Rise and Shine, Heavily motivated especially when you mention the Free F*** thing, unfortunately it’s in India alone but worldwide. Keep rocking with your life my friend.JOY is everywhere. Thanks for sharing wonderful article. Simply one word wow!! Don’t settle for small achievements, demand for BIG ! We will show it to the world & discuss its progress in comments. In reality, we are lacking with positive friends & family members. Hope you can share more and more interesting post like this. Do subscribe to our email newsletter to get more amazing stuff ! Rise and Shine !!! Words are a powerful gift:), This one is my first visit at your website and I found lots of informatics things so I wants to share my blogs if you need or like our services then contact us at http://www.luxurionworld.com. Heterogeneous learning makes you informative but not expert whereas focused learning makes you an expert. It is very useful and informative. Youngsters trust more on dating apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid, which rarely make connections with the RIGHT person by swiping RIGHT. I really appreciate about your words, Hey ! It takes time to become great person, every day we have to work towards it. This creates a big impact on human psychology to follow things blindly. for being part of all timelapse of life.

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