It really does love your garden. We have incorporated a variety of vines to do that. Set against a backdrop of attractive foliage, the spurred flowers are followed by spherical blue fruits. cheers, cm. Provide appropriate support, such as a trellis or wires attached to the wall and fences. A blaze of fiery red flowers will set walls and fences aglow with exotic blooms throughout summer. Cat, it really is strange how often I have heard this, I have always thought that it likes the cold Aberdeen air. A few years ago a number of the conifers in our back garden were becoming overgrown to such an extent that the natural light coming in to the garden was being reduced greatly. Grow Scottish Flame Flowers where their roots remain in the shade and their dazzling flowers can bask in the sunshine. I have tropaeolum speciosum in my garden. Thanks Larry, that really means a lot, coming from the master. OMG what a beautiful garden. Thanks. Plant in cool, leafy or humus-rich soil where roots are in the shade with the plant growing into the sun or partial shade, can be grown up evergreen hedges. HTML tags allowed in your comment:

. Thanks Andrea, We are more fortunate than we sometimes think. Contact | Christina. Tropaeolum Speciosum a member of the Nasturtium family, we planted this climber in the garden about fifteen years ago, it readily seeds itself and pops up all over the place, only occasionally finding itself in the wrong position. The vibrant blooms are followed by spherical blue fruits set against a backdrop of attractive dark green foliage. They always seem to know exactly where I should have planted them. Cultivation Thrives in gardens with cool, moist summers. Hi Alistair, you have really got me thinking. Thanks Donna, always appreciate your opinion. Here it is quite late in the evening on August 26th. Still something of a legend, this elegant climbing aristocrat with dainty deep green clover-like leaves and brilliant frilly edged scarlet flowers will mesmerise even the most enthusiastic gardener. I really enjoy your wide-angled views. I think you would like it if you don’t have it already. Tropaeolum speciosum is an intriguing climbing perennial that prefers a cool, sheltered position. Re the climber – I used not to like the blending of plants but maybe I am more laid back because now i love, it looks so natural. All rights reserved. By chance, I praised nasturtiums on my blog today. The colours are beautiful … both from the foliage and the flowers. We are enjoying the comments on Myra’s prowess. Alistair – there are many people who would be gritting their teeth to hear such casual talk of self seeding. We have sold tropaeolum to people all over the uk, who try as they might, can’t seem to get it established in their garden, but the rule seems to be that if it likes you, it really likes you. Your back garden is looking sensational. Creating a spectacular floral display for months, they contrast nicely against the foliage of dainty, deep green, clover-like leaves. About | If it does you will find it self seeding generously. Tropaeolum will grow best with its roots shady in hummus rich soil. If that's not all, the Autumn brings a fascinating display of sapphire blue berries. I will pass on your message to Myra. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. On another note, thank Myra for prompting the alternative view of the garden, it reveals the rich tapestry of colour and texture you have created, anchored by your immaculate hedges. Tropaeolum Speciosum was given the RHS award of  garden merit. Yes just cut it all back when it goes brown and away it goes again next Spring. I agree with Esther. That is a beautiful climber, although I am generally wary of big plants that readily reseed… Your back garden is amazing!

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