Pulleys are easy enough devices to understand. Install extra headrod clamp, if provided (Larger widths will have more headrod clamps), in center of curtain. If the cord in the curtain rod breaks or becomes damaged, the curtains will be stuck in one position. Rope. Backdrop pulley system sas dt curtain pulley you how to make a roller blind you cable mechanism for controlling stage. Traverse curtain rods utilize a cord over a pulley to draw the curtains open or closed. 2. The traverse rod allows you to open and close the drapes using a pulley system. When lowered, roller curtain should not sit on floor. The pulley is a type of ramp that minimizes rope friction, allowing the rope to transmit energy from a pull in one direction to movement in a different direction. How to Install a Curtain Tie Back. The simplest curtain rod is a curtain pole, which is a dowel-like piece of wood or metal with a finial at each end. 3. Measure the width of your window and add 6 inches. **Subscribe and help me get to 3000 subs so I can continue to feel like a boss! Here are some instructions to make installing your own traverse rods a breeze. Pulley Curtain frame Curtains Curtain hooks. Concealed within the channels of a traverse rod you’ll find the simple pulley system that makes it work. How to Restring a Curtain Rod. The traverse rod allows you to open and close the drapes using a pulley system. Learn More → Things You'll Need. Install headrod clamps 8" to 12" in from total width of curtain, at desired height on wall. For those of you that don't know a traverse curtain rod uses a simple pulley system to open and close your curtains.

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