How to fix corroded battery terminals. Try these three steps before you give it away. Batteries can burst and corrode the terminals in electronic items and toys when they haven't been in use for long periods of time. Its signs are powdery white or blue corrosion along the cable or on the terminals. If this is the case, go ahead and use the above steps to clean the toy; it may still be salvageable. If the buildup is not too severe, the terminals can be cleaned as follows: Use a wire brush and battery cleaner. The caustic material inside the batteries can interfere with the ability to operate the toys, but with the right method, you can remove corrosion from the battery terminals and restore the toy's function. The corrosion on these battery contacts was from Alkaline batteries. I think we’ve all pulled out an old toy or something else battery-operated only to find that the battery has leaked or corroded and the darn thing won’t work anymore. Today let’s talk about fixing a toy, or anything, with battery corrosion. So, you should keep inspecting your battery terminals for early corrosion detection. Occasionally, the corrosion is bad enough for the spring in the battery terminals to rust through and break. Besides, if it starts leaking, you should replace it as well. Well, wipe those tears girls, it might be an easy fix! These batteries often leak their electrolyte all over the battery compartments if you leave them inside a remote or toy for too long. Alkaline batteries leak, not acid, but a chemical that registers as a base on the pH scale. After you are done cleaning the terminals and the toy is dry, you can use a piece of aluminum foil as a wedge between the broken spring and the battery. Unfortunately, once corrosion occurs, it’s not going to go away on its own. STEP 2: Clean battery corrosion with a household acid, like vinegar. Instead, it’s going to require some good, old-fashioned WORK! You also need a new battery if the corrosion eats the terminals too deep. These white crystals of dried electrolyte are mostly Potassium Hydroxide also called caustic Potash, which is a strong base and will need to be dissolved and neutralized. Reasons for battery terminal corrosion

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