The method is sound and will prevent freezer burn. Here’s one without it. First, wash the basil. Anyway, that’s my personal feelings on the matter. Bonus tip! [1] X Research source Don’t use distilled water, as it lacks beneficial minerals that may help preserve the basil longer. But to recap if you came here on an anchor: To freeze basil without it turning black, blanch for 15 seconds in boiling water, dunk in ice-cold water, chop it up into little bits, place it in an ice cube tray filled with olive oil or water, and add it to the freezer. Basil, especially sweet basil or Genoa basil so popular in Italian dishes and used in pesto, is notoriously tricky to keep fresh. To keep it green, you'll need to blanch it, squeeze it dry, then lay it flat to freeze. Cut the ends of the stems to allow the basil to absorb water more easily. As a container Gardener I can tell you right now it’s not hard to grow fresh basil. Why? I really do recommend you get one though. If not, Hey, no worries, I love you all the same. To choose healthy basil from the grocery store, look for bright green leaves without blemishes. There are methods, however, of keeping the leaves fresh once the stems have been picked. But then you put it off for that pizza or that mac and cheese or that lasagna. Wrap the basil and store it in a plastic bag on the counter, but out of direct sunlight. Frugal by heart, frugal by nature. It’s your choice, My humble patron. Store the basil for longer than two days by covering the jar with a plastic bag. This will help prolong the shelf life of the basil. The fresher the basil you buy, of course, the longer it will keep in any case. If you trying to learn how to store fresh basil with roots still intact, this is a tried and true when you in a rush. Place them all into a double seal zip-lock freezer bag gently on top of each other, and squish them flat. It doesn’t really matter. Spread them out on a tray, leaving enough room between them for airflow. If i was teaching someone who wanted to learn how to store fresh basil, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if i didn’t mention drying as an option. If the basil gets much colder than that it … The first thing you want to do is blanch Your basil. I’m not even going to correct the spelling errors in this sentence, this is how much I love you. Hand's down the best way to store basil in to put the bunch in a glass or jar filled with water, just like flowers. I mean you start off wanting to eat them right away right? Basil Genovese is the basil you're used to from the grocery store. Freeze it! Trim the cut ends, put the bunch in a glass, jar, or vase of water that will fit in the fridge, and cover the whole thing, or at least the basil leaves, with a plastic bag. Does it also keep basil as fresh as possible for as long as possible? It’ll save you money on your grocery bill, it’ll save you time and frustration miles, and overall you’ll be a happier healthier human being. Love to preserve the stuff I grow for myself, my friend’s and my family. It will keep it fresher longer and it is the same method you would use on fish and such. Best Way to Store Basil on the Counter. Yeah, it’s really that easy. Yes, you can, actually. Takes up a lot of fridge space? Learn how to store fresh basil at home with very little effort or time commitment. And if it turns out I was correct in my assumption, Check out my Amazon affiliate link to my favorite dehydrator model. Basil frozen this way will turn dark, almost black, but retain plenty of basil flavor. The second best way to store basil is to store it like salad greens: pick the leaves off the stems and lay them in more or less a single layer on layers of paper towels or a clean kitchen towel, roll up the towel around the leaves, and put the roll in a plastic bag. 1 pot of Basil purchased from the supermarket; Rich potting compost – multipurpose will work; Small individual pots – toilet paper rolls are perfect; A warm window sill, greenhouse, or conservatory; Step 1: Rip the Basil in Two. How do you freeze basil without turning it black? For step-by-step photo details, see How to Store Greens. Before I get into it though I really have to interject, freezing basil is a terrible idea.

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