The average mature Pubicalyx plant is approximately 8 to 10 feet (3 m) in height. PHOTO (HOYA LOVE) 151. If your plant is heavily infested, you can take a cutting from the top of the plant and propagate it to grow a new healthy plant. Now I’m thinking how nice it would be to have 2…. If your Hoya Pubicalyx starts dropping its leaves, it is being overwatered. The hoya is an asexual plant. This Hoya comes from the Philippines and it was described in 1918. These plants also need a small period of darkness similar to that in their natural habitat. Hoya Pubicalyx Propagation Take a sharp knife and cut a 5 to 7-inch cutting from the growing end of the stem. This method creates a contained green-house environment for the Pubicalyx plant. Sow the fresh seeds in peat moss soil mixture. Hoyas are easy to propagate, and are commonly sold as cuttings, either rooted or unrooted, or as a potted plant. I brought it in for the winter and no, it did not do well at all. This makes me happy because it’s the basis of this blog – sharing my knowledge and mostly my experiences. 05/14/2017. Nell, I have a star joys and was wondering if the seeds in the flower could be sewn to start a new plant? You can grow this plant in natural sunlight or artificial indoor plant lights as well. Any ideas for this good ol plant? Years ago l had a huge. This cutting was only about 4″long but I’ve taken them as long as 12″ and they’ve rooted just fine. Hoya plants have different growth rates depending on the species; Pubicalyx is one of the fastest-growing hoya plants. I’v found them not to be fussy regarding plant size or type but I’d steer clear of a shallow pot. Aphids are another common houseplant pest found on Hoya plants. Such a shock to see it go from a big beefy plant to this diminished state. The best time for propagation is during the active growing season, i.e., summer and spring. This method has always worked for me too. Or should it be a basket? Cultivation and Propagation: Hoya pubicalyx is a Philippine species that is not only easy to grow but quite floriferous. Now, I just want to clarify by saying this isn’t air layering – that’s a completely different method of propagation. Talking about it to a friend and she has sent for seeds. Hoya macrophylla propagation is extremely easy to do. Make sure the mix is thoroughly moistened. So check the plant before watering to prevent overwatering. The best soil for Hoya Pubicalyx Splash Plants is a well-balanced mixture of peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite that dries between watering but does not compact quickly. Sometimes changing the position or transplanting can also prevent the plant from blooming. You can also root stem cuttings in a mix formulated for propagation which is very light so the new roots can easily form; 1 you make or purchase. You should always wear gloves; the white sap from the plant can cause allergy. Hoya pubicalyx have the most gorgeous, dark leaves. You can repot the newly propagated plant after the cuttings have rooted. Hoya Pubicalyx CUTTINGS Plant Cuttings Pubicalyx Wax Plant Cuttings ----- ROOT FASTER ----- The most successful way to root a cutting is to dip the cutting into root powder then plant into a small container or an appropriate size for the number of cuttings. If you let your Hoya dry out for too long or forget to water it, try not to flood it with water on your next watering. While pruning, remove the dead or yellow leaves and damaged stems. Post & video on that coming soon. I did this last weekend and have some stems rooting now to put back with the mother plant. Use a fertilizer high in potassium and spray it on the leaves as well to encourage flowering. Propagating your Hoya is really easy, too. Hoya pubicalyx is definately an easy to grow Hoya. Hoya Pubicalyx produces a natural plant pigment “Anthocyanin” to protect young or soft leaves from intense light. I noticed one of the first 3 Hoya’s to come up has started growing a flower spike. How many hours of lighting are required if I’m growing the hoya Pubicalyx under artificial lights? Hoya Pubicalyx is an easy-going, rewarding and long-lasting addition to container gardens of your porch or patio or windowsill. Inquiring horticultural minds want to know! If roots are showing on the stem, you can pin it down on a small pot of mix & it’ll further root that way. Hoya plants are adorned with beautiful flowers in the right environments. It will delay blooming; the old stalks will help the plant grow new flowers. Make sure you get the nodes in it. There are two main ways you can propagate Hoya pink silver, and that is either by leaf or stem cutting. Let me clarify that by saying I’ve had great success with 2 of these methods, no success with 1 and haven’t tried the last. Hopefully this is an simple question.. it’s my first time propagating a Hoya ! Hoya Pubicalyx Propagation. Professional gardeners recommend fertilizing the houseplants at least once or twice a year. Mist the plant leaves using water from a spray bottle. The flowering season for Hoya Pubicalyx cultivars is from late spring to late summer. You can use a houseplant insecticide, put it in the potting soil while potting the plant to keep the mealybugs away from the beautiful Hoya Pubicalyx. The ideal time to prune the Pubicalyx plant is in the summer or spring season. Avoid touching the new stems of the plant because they are sensitive, and it may delay flowering. If you consider buying a terracotta pot I also summarized the advantages and disadvantages of terracotta pots here. The flowers of this plant are light red with small pink centers. The silver marks on the leaves turn pinkish-silver when exposed with more light and sun. Any idea on the Christmas cactus? 'Royal Hawaiian Purple', 'Pink Silver', differing in the color of the corolla and corona. The best way to propagate Hoya is to take cuttings that have two nodes. If you are also impressed by the praise of Hoya plants and wondering how to care for the Hoya Pubicalyx, we have covered the basic care guide for you in this article. © Plantophiles 2020 | Iseli International Commerce | Privacy Policy | About Us | Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Common pest and diseases for Hoya Pubicalyx, Frequently asked questions about Hoya Pubicalyx. I would love to get my hands on a established obavata! The condensed version: I’ve had great success with 2 of […], […] an entire post I’ve done on Propagating Hoyas. Keep water in the container just above the bottom node and when the roots appear, make certain they’re covered too. Thin, fuzzier varieties often are challenging to root. Hoya pubicalyx splash leaves going soft during propagation. They do show areal roots. Provide high humidity and lots of light for the seeds to start germinating. Check on them every few weeks. I was a little nervous about moss after not having much luck with other plants. Attractive foliage and waxy flowers which can be highly scented, make these plants popular with indoor growers. Never add fertilizer to a dry potting mixture or soil. This post may contain affiliate links. If you let your Hoya dry out for too long or forget to water it, try not to flood it with water on your next watering. I battled with removing this Hoya from its spot in my home because it was basically caught up on every other plant around it! As an epiphytic plant, Hoya Pubicalyx needs good drainage. The best time to train the hoya plant is when it is young. But these plants prefer to be root-bound; therefore, repotting is not required often. Tips for Hoya Pubicalyx When propagating in water, after 1 or 2 inches of roots have developed transplant the cutting to a potting medium. Hi Monica – I’ve never grown Hoyas from seed so thank you for sharing. share. So I decided to go with water. I am down to two leaves and a thin leafless viney thing coming out. These where growing up, so the leaves are upside down. Nell. © 2020 Joy Us Garden | Care, Propagation, and Pruning About | Contact | PRIVACY POLICYDesign By Viva la Violet, Mother Nature Inspired Christmas Ornaments, Pots and Planters: Choose The One That Fits Your Style ». It will also save the plants energy that will be otherwise invested in growing new stalks. Maybe you have 1 that you love and want to share it with a friend. Hi Bob- Thanks for sharing that. The flowers are black colored with a red center. If you have planted the Hoya Pubicalyx in heavy soil such as a peaty mix, it is better to water the plant mildly. These vine plants can be trained to grow along any path; they can climb hanging planter, trees, or any wall in your home. You can also use insecticidal soap or spray to take care of the aphid infestations. Avoid keeping the plant in direct sunlight during peak hours as it will scorch the foliage and flowers. The dusty pink star-shaped flowers have a light-pink central star and a maroon center. During the daytime, the temperature should be around 25 degrees Celsius (77 oF). 2nd do I keep the flowers, so it can focus on rooting? What is the best type of growing soil for Hoya Pubicalyx? The waxy flowers grow on tiny stalks less than an inch in length. Most times you’ll see little roots appearing on the stems and that’s what you want to get on top of the mix.

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