Even with multiple reprints of the set, the sealed product continues to sell out instantly and graded cards continue to rise in value. It will all depend on the pull rates of the set and how hard it is to find this card, but don't expect the shiny Charizard-GX to be cheap out of the gate, especially due to the limited amount of ways you can acquire Hidden Fates booster packs, until the Elite Trainer Box is released on September 20th. Each of the Pokemon-GX are from Hidden Fates , but the promos feature alternate artwork that will likely come from Japan’s SM12a High Class Pack 2019: Tag All … The demand right now is very high and there will be so many cards around. Personally the set is so nostalgic so i kinda want a master set. 3 days ago. The Pokémon TCG: hidden fates elite trainer box contains everything you need to get started collecting this unique new expansion. Hidden Fates has maintained a steady increase in value as a set, and the same can be said about the Shiny Charizard and other Shiny cards in the set. People also might think Hidden Fates will be out of print, or available in limited quantity. By Will Potter on September 3, The holy grail of Hidden Fates is Charizard-GX, a reprint from Sun & Moon Burning Shadows, but this time Charizard is … When there is enough stock of Hidden Fates, the prices will soon drop because there will be more supply in the future. Each tin comes with its Pokemon-GX, four Hidden Fates packs, and a PTCGO code card. The aformentioned “Hidden Fates Tins” are releasing today.

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