Parents will be required to pay up to SGD 13 per month to help cater for miscellaneous costs. Learn and use basic shapes such as triangle, rectangle, etc. Not anymore in Singapore because your result slip will no longer have the following (from 2019): Initially, top scorers in both primary and secondary schools secured bursaries ranging from SGD 275 to SGD 480. However, parents have to meet the requirements set out by the Ministry of Education before these exemptions ar… As well as schools under the Special Assistance Plan (SAP). If you can’t afford these additional expenses, then your child will be left behind. That will include pulling out the end year examinations at P2. Preschool education in Singapore is non-compulsory and provided by the following educational institutions: playschools, nursery schools, and kindergartens. If you want to homeschool or admit your child in a religious institution that’s not managed by the MOE, please apply from the authority so that you can be allowed to do so. Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world, and a ton of people can’t stop asking the following questions: The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), in 2015, rated the Singapore education system as the best in the world. Secondary education in Singapore is largely public, and is compulsory until a child has reached 15 years of age. Okay, enough of an overview of the education system in Singapore. Realistically, hiring companies shouldn’t focus on either the “O” or “A” level results. Students with good grades can begin their diplomas at the polytechnics. Kiasu parents, to be specific, are so much obsessed with top schools. From there, those who pass can choose to proceed to pre-university. Therefore, have that in your monthly budget to help support your child’s primary education. People who have been through the system reveal that the education system in Singapore is stressful because it involves a lot of memorization and rote learning. It is worth to mention that there is no middle school in Singapore. , your child requires special needs education if the following three conditions are present: Your child has been diagnosed with a disability, Your child shows greater difficulty in learning as compared to his or her colleagues, Your child requires an extra push beyond what is provided at school, He or she has the cognitive ability to learn the mainstream curriculum, His or her education needs can be met with the minimal mainstream curriculum, He or she can adapt and cope with mainstream learning, Your child requires a specialized curriculum, for example, braille instructions, Your child needs extensive or specially-designed instructions. Finally, JCs go for two years and CI for three years. The Bell Curve System is when students are afraid to help one another because they feel doing so may limit their chances of staying top. That means that academics will no longer be a priority during the selection processes. Can't stay abreast of education news in Singapore? Singapore’s compulsory education act The Ministry of Education (MOE) recently reported that 1,483 children did not register for Primary 1 this year as required under the Compulsory Education Act (CE) enacted six years ago, by the given deadline. Be sure to apply for your child’s admission early enough. The Compulsory Education Act to make primary school education compulsory for all children in Singapore was passed by Parliament on 9 October 2000 and came into effect on 1 January 2003. You can check out other, How to Engage the Uninvolved and Reluctant Parent, How to Make the Right Friends if You’re an Introvert Student, The Impact of COVID-19 On Singapore’s Teenagers – And What Parents Can Do, Top 10 Art Classes for Children in Singapore, Guide to Marking English Essay Assignments from Your Students, 24 Ways to Motivate Bilingual Children to Speak Mother Tongue, 6 Ways to Communicate to Your Students with Special Needs.

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