Age. Coming from the dark bamboo swamps of Takenuma, your eyes have adapted to the darkness. You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on hearing.Languages. Kamigawa. Kami. Organisations. Soratami, also known as moonfolk, are a slim, humanoid race, with a stature similar to that of an elf. “Wisdom is not the counting of all the drops in a waterfall. As a result it is common for a nezumi to be a part of multiple clans serving multiple bosses. Add your proficiency bonus to saving throws against disease. No-one truly really knows where the Soratami came from, their secretive and isolationist nature sees to that. They have long flowing hair, the color the same as their skin, which is commonly tied up in elaborate hairstyles. However, they have the capacity to be any alignment.Size. Nezumi are a race of rat like people who usually live on the fringes of society. Size. Random Encounters. Contorting Frame. Most gangs are lead by a boss, a nezumi more ruthless and cunning than the rest, who commands the respect or fear of the rest of the nezumi. Many Soratami are proficient in the magical arts, the most powerful can even glimpse the future. Scavenger. A noticeable difference between nezumi and humans are their legs, which in the case of nezumi are digitigrade, resting on their toes rather than the flats of their feet. The exact social conduct of nezumi varies depending on the gang of which they are a part of. Survival Instinct. Nezumi Resilience. Due to their isolated nature, Soratami do not usually have names from other races. ... Dungeons & Dragons the cartoon), but pulling ordinary people over the threshold into the fantastical might be perfect market coordination. Design Note: This race is a adaption of Magic the Gathering's Moonfolk race of Kamigawa. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You cannot contract diseases from food you eat. Latest activity Edit Nezumi almost never recieve a name at birth, as most are expected not to survive for long. Characters. Some gangs are more organised, some even have codified rules of conduct, these gangs tend to be rarer and fewer in number, though they tend to last much longer than more unruly gangs. Nezumi in areas largely populated by other races often find themselves as part of these criminal gangs as most consider nezumi untrustworthy and dishonorable, and thus refuse to hire them, at least openly. They live in the bogs of the Takenuma swamp and on the outskirts of human cities like Numai, sometimes raiding those cities for supplies or fun. Soratami, also known as moonfolk, are a slim, humanoid race, with a stature similar to that of an elf. They are generally seen as thieves and criminals, and not without reason. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.Blessing of the Moon. 5E Kara Tur vs Tarkir vs Kamigawa vs Plane of Mountains and Seas vs Ikoria. The boss' personality has a direct effect of what type of gang it is. Most however die violent deaths well before then. Here are some common Soratami names: Soratami Female Names: Akiyo, Chiyo, Haruyo, Kazuyo, Mitsuyo, Noriyo, Tamiyo, Uyo, Soratami Male Names: Dairoku, Eitoku, Gaku, Kensaku, Meloku, Riku, Shusaku, Taku. You can ask permission to enter the city. Kamigawa offers opportunities to more deeply explore eastern fantasy in 5e, something I know people want, but it also offers an opportunity to expand on the undead and the dead, the aetherial plane, and add a lot more ghostly monsters to the game. However, all people agree that they only serve themselves and their people. Nezumi often to have slouched forms, though this is usually a result of habit, caused by constant crouching, hiding and skulking. The main goal is that they are supposed to be good samurai (ie fighter/paladin) and clerics, highly honorable. I did not make the Moonfolk race, just this adaption. Nezumi do not possess what others would consider culture, instead what they do share is a strong instinct for survival, allowing them to adapt easily to whatever environment they find themselves in. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. The gangs frequently split, merge or disband, as bosses are murdered, new bosses rise and powers shift. However, there have been stories and rumors; some claim they came from the moon, others claim that some human made an oath to the deity of the moon. Creatures. Darkvision. As a result a nezumi's name is usually some type of descriptor for their physical or behavioral characteristics, given to them as they develop to identify them, like nicknames. You can't discern color i darkness, only shades of gray. Females nezumi can grow longer hair on their heads much like human hair, thi… An enigmatic, secretive race, who live in the clouds.Ability Score Increase. They say that they have been up there, gathering and keeping knowledge and information about the world and that maybe they even harbor secrets that have been lost to everyone else. Names: Rot-Tooth, Short-Tail, Three-Paw, Cackler, Bog-Snout, Slender-Bones, Six-Toes, Rust-Blade, Ability Score Increases. Soratami typically care deeply about their family and their people, usually tending towards the lawful end of the spectrum. Altruistic nezumi are also rare, though this is not a result of innate leanings as much as a life of mistrust. For many people it will be their first time seeing a Soratami, however, the people that know of Soratami will find it hard to trust you and your self-serving race. Despite the average lifespan of a nezumi being in the early 30s, they are actually capable of living close to 200 years. As a result nezumi names are fairly fluid and distinguish little between gender. **Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier), Nezumi are covered in coarse fur, usually in shades of grey, brown or black. Some nezumi opt to continue using previous nicknames while others decide their own name. When playing a Soratami, take into consideration your enigmatic and mysterious nature. Nesumi social structure is normally in the form of gangs, those these structures are loose at best. Shadow Skulker. They have white or off-white skin, usually a very light blue or bluish-grey. It is at the DM’s behest to say how rare the Soratami are and how many times a Soratami city passes above, however, when they do, they are said to bring clouds and rain. Some gangs are ruthless, cutthroat places where members regularly steal and cheat from each other and promotions are usually earned by murdering your superiors. The eyes of the nezumi are usually yellows, browns, blacks and dull reds. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. Some Soratami even have these markings along their body. Nezumi are also more likely than other races to develop albinism, which results in white furred individuals with bright, blood red eyes. Nezumi have slightly hunched frames with rat like heads and a long tail. One thing to think about when playing a Soratami, is why you have come down to the surface, and this could be for multiple reasons. Welcome to the Kamigawa 5e Wiki Edit. Nezumi are taller than humans, however their tendency to slouch makes them appear roughly equal to the height of humans. You can speak, read and write, Common and Auran. A noticeable difference between nezumi and humans are their legs, which in the case of nezumi are digitigrade, resting on their toes rather than the flats of their feet. In areas where nezumi are common, the gangs are almost invariably at constant war with each other, with bosses fighting for power. These individuals are mostly isolated hermits living in dark swamps and other treacherous places, studying dark magical arts, with necromancy and insect magic being the most common.

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