I reckon we can slightly change the words to suit our requirements and get them printed on neon coloured posters. A near miss reported today is an accident prevented tomorrow. Lab safety slogans are simple and effective like other safety slogans in general. Everyone is responsible for safety on the job. Accidents are an absence of mind. 1. Safety: It’s the tool for LIFE. They can be used as a small extension of safety training or safety messages shared in toolbox meetings. Successful management of potential hazards inside the laboratory started with good safety communication. Electricity- great for the lightbulb, not great for the human body. Work safely in Lab is the best gift for your family. It needs lab safety slogans […], […] you also store hydrogen peroxide in lab, at first you need to ensure bottle used for its packaging, has a vent […]. All rights reserved. Choose proactive safety measures to avoid reactive medical treatment. If all those potential hazards are not managed properly, probably they may harm you and people inside the laboratory. A destination for best lab products. Lab accident brings tears. Safety is the priority. Do laboratory jobs safely even when no one is watching. You can find the ones below. Specific condition requires specific slogan too, like a laboratory. Today is another day, make it safe. It’s a good sign if safety is on your mind! 1.) It is a commitment. Safety sayings or slogans will not prevent an accident on their own, but they are another tool in the proverbial safety toolbox. Always be careful. Young Drivers and Motor Vehicle Accidents. Safety is not an experiment. Look up and live. Look for hazards, think of solutions . Lock out, tag out so you don’t get zapped! When treating injuries, take time to prevent one from occurring to you! Working safe does not happen by accident. You may have come into the world by accident, but do not let an accident take you out of it! Heat Exchanger Safety Precautions You Should Know, Hazards in Confined Space: The List You Must Know, Safety Tips of the Day: Storage Tank Calibration Span, Easy to Follow Power Tools Safety Rules Construction Workers, How to Understand Carbon Monoxide Levels and their Risks, A Quick Safety Guide to Old Fire Extinguisher Disposal. Harnesses and lanyards are more comfortable than casts. Tags: lab safety sloganslaboratory safety motto. Safety can be redundant- so can be the hazards that cause the most injuries! Your car does not come with brains, use your own. The above banner image for this post was created in Canva in just a few minutes. Learn About the Site - Why Safety Talk Ideas Exists. All employees have the power to follow electrical safety. (Safety glasses/ goggles use). That being said, we did remove a lot of the “fluff” you will find on similar lists found across the web in an effort to not waste your time. A company for the best lab products. Careless leads to analysis error and safety error. Be aware of glassware. They are not a safeguard or a fix to workplace safety issues. Currently there are specific safety slogans for electrical safety, lab safety, driving safety, and healthcare safety. Achieving ZERO injuries happens by doing ONE task safely at a time. All Rights Reserved. Safety of people comes before the production of goods. There is no rush- unless you want to be injured. Safety slogans are nifty – Give me my fifty. When you gamble with safety you bet with your health. Safety slogans can be a great way to remind employees to work safely. Safety can get old, but so do the people who practice it. Working here is optional safety is not. You can take the sayings and slogans provided in this post and make quality safety resources for your employees in the matter of minutes! Scan the section headers to find classic safety slogans, industry-specific topics, funny safety messages, safety sayings that rhyme, and more. Guard your coworkers’ safety- even the ones you don’t like. Want to get laboratory slogan ideas? Safety’s alright if you got all night. Safety is as easy as ABC- Always Be Careful. A fair company for laboratory products. How Often Do MSDS Sheets Need to be Updated? There is a wide array of slogans posted on here due to the varying needs of safety professionals. If the voice in your head has to ask “Is this safe?” It isn’t. Foresight is better than no sight. The outcome of safety is the sum of decisions and actions of the individuals in a workplace. Safety (or the lack of it) is the sum of the individual behaviors and decisions made by workers. If you have any recommendations or unique safety messages you would like to share feel free to email them to jeremy@safetytalkideas.com. Do you use lab safety slogans for communicating safety in the laboratory? The Daily Workplace Safety Tips Blog © 2020. Practice safety so you don’t rush it. Work safe. Like short safety slogans, shorter lab safety slogans, or laboratory sayings may be better than longer ones.But, it will depend on your workplace situation and people inside the laboratory. The important thing to remember about safety slogans or sayings is that they should be reinforcing important safety behaviors or lessons that are discussed in more detail with employees. The best safety tool is a careful lab analyst. “I regret working safely” – said no one ever. A hazard mitigated today can mean an injury prevented tomorrow. When safety is a factor, call in a contractor. Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly. I already created 24 lab safety slogans for you. Our patients rely on your well-being, take time to maintain it! […] specific slogan. Don’t be a “D” driver – distracted, drugged, drunk, drowsy, or dumb! As we are one of the largest dealers of UPS batteries, car batteries, etc., safety is our first priority. A guarantee of 100% quality. We all carry the burden of weakening or strengthening our (safety) culture through our decisions. If you are looking for a few relevant funny safety slogans, here is a quick list of examples: … If you think working safe is a pain, try being injured. Late is better than never. Here is the list of catchy Laboratory BUsiness slogans for you: A bond that remains for a lifetime. Every employee has the right to stop work. If it is in your nose, you have been exposed! Try being a little creative and your message gets across. A safe workplace is a productive workplace. Safety isn’t a lesson to learn the hard way. But, it will depend on your workplace situation and people inside the laboratory. Working safely is a choice. These safety slogans and sayings might serve an organization well for elements like signs, posters, emails and other reminders to workers and managers. Zero error analysis can be obtained only by. Do not be a fool, inspect your electrical tools. We have two rules here. Zero injuries does not occur by accident. If you think safety rules are a pain, try having an accident. Quality is the standard. This is an example of lab safety slogans. Safety is for life. Just because you have always done it that way does not make it right. Your hands do not come with a lifetime warranty. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Heavy machinery does not come with brains, use your own. Funny Safety Slogans for Work If you think safety rules are a pain, try having an accident The only trip you take should be on vacation The person reading this poster is responsible for your safety This can be done by using lab safety slogans. Our aim is to keep the toilets clean – your aim will help! But, most of them have a general theme. Funny Safety Slogans You may have come into the world by accident, but do not let an accident take you out of it! Seatbelts are more comfortable than coffins. Safety is a state of mind. How would a severe injury change your life? How do you communicate safety in the laboratory? Be aware, know where. This post will be continually updated with new safety sayings and slogans that can be used for safety trainings, safety posters, or newsletters. Proactive safety measures yield better outcomes than hopeful medical treatment. In this list of top safety slogans, safety messages, and safety sayings you will most likely find a few that will be practical to use in your workplace. Be a safety hero, score an accident zero. Take care of injuries, do not contribute to one. Successful lab analysts will put safety at the first priority. A catchy, funny safety slogan can stand out and be read by the folks you want to read it. Copyright © 2020 Innovative Safety Products LLC. Safety – did it, done it, doing it tomorrow. There is no shortage of safety slogans to be found in workplaces around the world. Safety is the key to accident-free laboratory. Make safety Plan A- it is much more fun than Plan B could be. 3 Basic Types of Safety Audit That You Need to Aware About, 15 Quick Safety Tips for Warehouse Employees to Stay Safe, An Easy to Follow Checklist for Safety Audit, 44 Practical Tips on Safe Handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders, 21 Chemical Plant Workplace Safety Topics for Meetings, Safety Slogans In English - How to Create The Inspiring One, Practical Hydrogen Peroxide Safety Tips You Must Know, I Wear A Mask For You - Please Wear A Mask For Me T-Shirt, 25 Awesome Lab Safety Slogans to Use Right Now, Safety Helmet Color Code, The Truth You Should Know. Check back often to see what safety slogans, messages, and sayings are added to this list over time.

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