Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. These prayer placements make this a very good choice in Low Mass Altar Cards. Serving Traditional Low Mass: A4 card. Latin Prayer Mugs; Popes Mugs; Pro-Life Mugs; Virgin Mary Mugs; Catholic Pop-Up Phone Holders; Catholic Prayer Cards . Enter Quantity-+ Add to cart. They are presented in Latin on one side and in English on the reverse. (The changeable part of the Mass is called the 'Proper' and contains the readings for the day.) 9. This laminated card provides clear and brief notes on when to stand or kneel and make responses for Low Mass.. (The last part of the "Supplices" prayer is to be read from the Missal.) Below you will find the 3 Altar Cards in PDF format. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Italics are used to indicate actions taken by the priest and/or the congregation. To assist the priest in the offering of the traditional Latin Mass, the Liturgy provides for having 3 altar cards on the altar. This A4, laminated card contains the Latin prayers, with English rubrics and translations, as said by a priest whilst vesting. Server’s Card for Low Mass. 10. THE MASS STONES OF LOCHABER THE MASS STONES OF LOCHABER MacDonell, A. USCCB approved texts. Pictures Christ our Great High Priest on the front and Our Lady, Mother of the Eucharist, on the back. Catholic prayer cards in Latin. Free shipping: USA, Canada, Mexico over $35 USD - International over $100 USD. Signum Crucis & Gloria Patri with Pronunciations, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. 1. Author: LMS. "Vintage Diamond High" "Vintage Diamond" features beautiful art from an historic set of Tridentine Mass altar cards and diacritical marks. They are presented in Latin on one side and in English on the reverse. This laminated card contains the full Leonine Prayers after Low Mass in Latin and English. Convenient and easy reference guide for parishioners to use during Mass. Altar Cards. Latin prayer cards to learn and share Catholic prayers in the sacred language. Free Holy cards - Catholic Prayer Cards - St Therese of Lisieux - St. Joseph - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Sacred Heart of Jesus - John Paul the Great - … for the Celebration of the Traditional Latin Mass. © LMS 2016 | Registered Charity Number: 248388 | Terms & Conditions, Latin Mass Society, 11 - 13 Macklin Street, London, WC2B 5NH | 020 7404 7284 |, Liturgical Resources for use during the Coronavirus Pandemic, Letter to the Bishops accompanying Summorum Pontificum (2007), Organic Development and Liturgical Rupture. £0.95. God at this Mass.) Each set contains one large center card, measuring 12 x 18 inches, and two side cards… Lucida Casual 1,2,3 Comic Sans 1,2,3 How to Print. • Altar cards: Three cards that contain the common prayers of the Mass in Latin (usually) that are said during parts of the Mass. LATIN HIGH MASS ALTAR CARDS * Click images to view enlargements. 8. Set of Altar Cards for the Traditional Latin Mass - 2 pages (8.5 x 14 Legal), landscape, pdf: These can be produced (ideally using a color printer) on two sheets of legal paper, the right and left cards cut to size, and all three laminated, and / or framed. Bulk discounts available in increments of 500 or more cards. Available in packs of 50, these Latin prayer cards are ideal for parishes, conferences, schools, and for sharing with family and friends. Phonetic renderings provided by Louis Tofari of Romanitas Press. It also includes Prayers after Low Mass. The Lavabo Card includes the "Corpus tuum" prayer. Latin prayer cards featuring complete English phonetic renderings of the Latin words per the more romano (as in Rome) liturgical pronunciation as endorsed by Popes St. Pius X, Benedict XV, and Pius XI. This Missal contains only the unchanging part of the Mass, called the 'Ordinary'. Available in four formats: Latin Pronunciation, Latin-English, Latin-Spanish, and Latin only. This laminated card contains the full Leonine Prayers after Low Mass in Latin and English. Server’s Card for Low Mass.This laminated card gives full rubrics and complete Latin text of the server’s responses when serving Low Mass. Certain center card prayers are placed in the left and … Promote the New Springtime of Catholic Evangelization with our prayer resources and materials including Latin Catholic Holy Cards and Prayer Cards.

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