First of all, remove all screws securing the bottom cover. Posted by 1 day ago. Hello i have bought 16gb more RAM for the lenovo legion Y720 the bottom slot works like a normal laptop slot but the top slot is a little different and i do not know how to use it so i can only use 1 slot while i have 2 RAM cards now (1x16gb card what i bought and then a 1x8gb card which i had in this laptop) Can somebody please help me or tell me how to use the top slot ? I tried seearching it up on youtube but nothing came up tried entering it in there twice both times the laptop didnt register it it seems that it doesnt even fully go in there. Please review our Guidelines before posting. Post a picture of your new 16gb memory label. The motherboard has been fully exposed since the battery was removed. You are limited, as others have said, to RAM and storage for upgrades. Or I can use them togeter by putting a new one into the second slot? You can connect Y720 to any wireless device that supports the XBOX protocol (such as the XBOX handle), enabling users to run a variety of games that are transplanted from the console. This website uses cookies. It supports NVMe protocol, read and write speed is very fast. The best deals of the year! Pry up and remove the bottom cover. Hey guys, ... Lenovo legion y7000. Note: Before beginning any upgrades on a PC, it's a good idea to back up your data in the … The last thing I’d like to say is, this screen is the same assembly as Y700, so I don’t remove the LCD screen. share. Before you touch any hardware, the good idea is to disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard. I'm interested in the one that costs 4,799. This is a wireless receiver specifically designed to support XBOX devices. Lenovo Extreme Gen 2 - Boot problem during startup or restart. The heat sink has three brass tubes, one of which is connected to the CPU fan and the GPU fan at the same time. 17-inch gaming laptop: Lenovo Legion Y740 17 (From $1,840 at Lenovo) How to upgrade the RAM in your Lenovo Legion Y740. I will assume it is able to dual channel, 2x8gb would be better than 16gb ram single.out. Last week we had just received the Lenovo Legion Y920, and this week we had received its low-end derivative model Legion Y720. You can pick up the motherboard. How to upgrade the RAM in your Lenovo Legion Y7000. The laptop has two RAM slots and only comes with one 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM module, that means you can upgrade the RAM. Crucial Memory and SSD upgrades - 100% Compatibility Guaranteed for lenovo legion-series - FREE US Delivery On the screen, it’s disassembled as same as old Y700. Intel I7-7700HQ processor and GTX 1060 graphics card. Browser Compatibility. And happy to have you again. And Is it ok if I place the second slot with a new 8gb of ram from another brand or different frequency? Western data 1TB HDD, it can be replaced by a 2.5″ SSD. I have y720 with one 8gb of ddr4-2666 ram and now im thinking about upgrading another ram. A2A. Refer to the memory module removal in the training video below: The official said it could shield interference. Hi Miroslav,. As I understand that you have query regarding Lenovo Legion Y720 memory upgrade. save hide report. Enjoy great savings on SSDs and DRAM. You have entered an incorrect email address! This product with GTX 1060 graphics is located between R720 and Y920, just to fill the gap between the two product lines. Upgrade di memorie e SSD Crucial - Compatibilità garantita al 100% per lenovo Legion Y720 Tower (Intel) Does the extreme in the model stand for “Extreme Disappointment” ? For the freshest produce, find us on Facebook for the latest teardown news. Terms of Use | If you're interested in the upgrade, check out this guide with everything you need to know. 10 comments. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Here I still follow the rules in the past to share with you the appearance and simple dismantling process. Lenovo Legion Y720 Disassembly (SSD, RAM, HDD Upgrade Options), Lenovo Legion Y920 Disassembly (SSD, RAM, HDD Upgrade Options), Lenovo Legion Y740S Disassembly and RAM, M.2 SSD upgrade options, MSI GT76 Titan Disassembly and SSD, HDD, RAM upgrade options, MSI GE65 Raider Disassembly and RAM, M.2 SSD upgrade options. The full review of Lenovo Legion Y720, please click here. It is hard to give an answer. Look at the screen from the picture for the Innolux N156HCE-EAA.

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