The approach is usually based on probability theory, statistical methods, and microscopic physical laws. 1. Consider the following model in classical statistical mechanics. It only takes a minute to sign up. The Statistical Description of Physical Systems. The system is large if it is consisting of Avogadro’s number of particles. Microstates and Macrostates It is useful in the fundamental study of the physical system with numerous degrees of freedom. 2.1. In other words, it relates the average pressure, and the average volume, to the average temperature. Classical mechanics is Newton’s great plan of kinematics. Introduction; 2. Contents¶. For instance, the familiar equation of state of an ideal gas, PV=νRT(see Section 6.2), is actually a statistical result. VI. Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. Statistical physics ! Sign up to join this community. Quantum Statistical Mechanics: L19: Mean field theory of condensation, Corresponding states, Critical point behavior (from L17 & L18) Lecture Note 19 (PDF) L20: Dilute Polyatomic Gases, Vibrations of a Solid, Black-body Radiation: Lecture Note 20 (PDF) L21: Quantum Microstates, Quantum Macrostates: Lecture Note 21 (PDF) VII. Statistical mechanics can be considered as one of the pillars of modern physics. we can forget that the results are statistical at all, and treat them as exact laws of physics. micro world to macro world: We’ll also have two diversions: quantum mechanics, which construct the important states that we need to count, and basic probability theory. We’re going to need to have a statistical description of the properties we’re trying to describe, and entropy itself is an information theory metric. A Large number of bodies means a lot of degrees of freedom (DoFs). Statistical Physics ... Statistical mechanics is the mechanics of large bodies using statistical methods.

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