This is only loosely described as a hot sauce since the ingredients consist of pepper extract, an emulsifier, and vinegar. According to El Yucateco's website, this particular sauce is based around habanero peppers (ouch), red tomatoes, and a selection of fine spices and seasonings. As stated before, we’re not a fan of extract hot sauces. We’ve heard from some readers that they enjoy the unique flavor, but it just wasn’t for us. The heat comes from habaneros, but also pepper extract, which gives it an almost metallic, battery-acid flavor. You know, the hottest pepper on the planet. Let the meat marinate overnight or for at least 30 minutes. The Gold Edition hot sauce comes with a replica shell, just for good measure. However, the sauce also incorporates complementary flavors like lime, garlic and brown sugar, making this a sauce some might actually use. Though Satan’s Blood has been officially rated at 800,000 SHUs on the Scoville scale, the experience is much more intense than previously mentioned hot sauces. I think the reason I bought it was the sinister packaging, coming in a bottle that looks like an evil witch’s poison vial. The hot sauce business is booming. This hot sauce comes in around 82,000 SHUs on the scale, meaning it is significantly hotter than the stuff you can buy at the store. Apparently, it's ideal on any kind of seafood and can be used in a traditional Bloody Mary if you're insane. This can happen, since the Scoville scale doesn’t always tell the whole store for how a hot sauce’s heat level feels. LOUISIANA Wing Sauce LOUISIANA Peppers MORE. This is thanks to the Pepper X Pepper variety bred by Ed Currie of the Puckerbutt Pepper Company. Tabasco or Frank's? Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Sauce: 350,000 SHU. Familiar Favorites and Their Scovilles. 9 ‘hot sauce’ (if you can call it a sauce). Now that our mouths are watering, just how hot is the "hot sauce" that's sitting in your pantry right now? Introducing Small Batch Louisiana 1928 Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot Sauce MORE . Texas Pete was founded in 1929 in North Carolina. That would explain why sauce tastes like the delicious "not-too-spicy-but-spicy-enough" Buffalo wings that we all know and love. Here in Indianapolis, IN we have found Carolina Reaper, Ghost, and Trinidad Scorpion peppers, in the form of seedlings, at the big box blue hardware stores. This popular potion was originally concocted in New Iberia, Louisiana (in the "original Louisiana way") where their process is sassy. It is also credited as a key ingredient in the original Buffalo wing sauce, created in Buffalo, NY. In fact, it states on the Amazon page that this is not to be consumed directly, but rather used only as a food additive. RELATED: After 26 Years, The Wing Bowl - Philadelphia's Competitive Wing Eating Event - Is Shutting Down, "Louisiana Hot Sauce" is another very common hot sauce option in the United States, and the low heat rating tells you why it's such a crowd pleaser. Da Bomb burns on the same level as the Last Dab hot sauces, though those claim to be 10X hotter on the Scoville scale. We find some of the best sauces are simple, and this one is no exception. For comparison, bell peppers range between 0-100 while habaneros fall between 200,000-300,000. He has at least 20 above Mad Dog’s. With that all said, let’s get started through the hot sauce Scoville scale ranks! Just three ingredients go into this sauce – zingy vinegar, red pepper and salt. Thus, Texas Pete was born, even though it should probably be called "North Carolina Pete." Related: Deeply Confusing Chicken Wing Menu Has Entire Internet Baffled.

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