Diamond tetras in a school are still a bit agressive and like mentioned, a larger female ratio is better. A low output light like LED with less watts is the best you can opt for, which is not that expensive. They truly glitter like their namesake with an opalescent shine of its scales in hues of orange, green, blue & purple. Diamond Tetras are flat-bodied and have a red lid like appearance on top of their eye. Add a few hiding spots here and there with pieces that can create a look for your tank. Rating on a scale of effort from easy to hard, Diamond Tetras are shockingly easy to keep.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'tetra_fish_care_com-box-4','ezslot_3',151,'0','0'])); Previous experiences in fish keeping will help you a lot to have Diamond Tetras in your aquariums. It is a good eater, though, and as long as it is doesn't get hungry, it … Diamond Tetras do better in soft and slightly acidic water conditions. Males separate off from others and defend their territories most of the time. Though the fish appears bland in the early stage, Diamond Tetra is definitely worth the price. The fins are transparent. Diamond Tetra are omnivores and will accept any type of fish food given to them. Order: Cypriniformes Diamond Tetra male. Diamond Tetras like dwelling in the dark. A water testing kit’s result will convey what you should do next in your tank. To combat these ever-changing conditions of a tank, your basic maintenance schedule must include the following things: Diamond Tetras requires a water temperature between 75°F – 82°F (24°C – 28°C). The website is a communal website i.e. Diamond tetra female. However, with the right care, you can “polish” and “refine” this fish so that it … A community aquarium is accepted, but the Diamond Tetra can sometimes be slightly aggressive with other species (especially that the adult male can reach a good size). Most fish diseases are contagious to other fish. A euphoria for the fish is when they are as close to their natural habitat as possible. Social Behavior and Tankmates Like most Tetras, Diamond Tetras are known for their fairly peaceful temperament, hence proving a worthy community fish among its kind. Because there is a presence of live plants, your aquarium plants may require a dose of fertilizer from time to time. Image of My Male Diamond Tetra The Diamond Tetra is a tetra unlike most tetras, they don’t have a secondary colour like Neons or Black Phantoms, so they’re pretty plain in terms of that area. A well-maintained tank is not susceptible to the creation of a fish disease. The Diamond Tetra will usually spawn in the early morning, and the female will lay a couple of hundred eggs which the male will fertilise. Diamond Tetras are aggressive feeders. Press Esc to cancel. To find out more about whether you should adopt Diamond Tetra and when to do so, let’s have a detailed study. This flat-bodied mid-dweller freshwater fish from South of America is known for its mesmerizing beauty. Consider having a 20-gallon tank at minimum for the fish. This is done so that your tank doesn’t grow on algae and gather toxins, and it keeps the tank cleaner. Keep six of the fish with a single alpha-male. They will overtake weak fish in the tank during feeding. Water quality as a rule is very poor there mainly due to contamination as a result of human life and activities, agriculture and industrial production. The female will lay eggs, and the male will fertilizer the. clumps of plants and moss for the fish to lay eggs, soft and acidic water with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 and hardness of 4°dGH. Diamond Tetras have a subtle sparkling appearance. Getting Diamond Tetras to spawn is moderately easy. Tetras live in a school, so Diamond Tetra is recommended to be kept in schools of 5 or more of its own kind. Tip: Always have a water testing kit for sensitive fish. Class: Actinopterygii This site is owned and operated by Ayub LLC. A tip is to make regular partial water changes (25%) once a week whilst vacuuming the substrate and trimming the live plants as much as possible. You will, however, need to put effort into considering your tank flora, fauna, and water conditions. You can choose a filter with capacity the same to your tank or one with a higher capacity as well. Most Diamond Tetra has a black horizontal line starting along the midpoint to the tail. The males have a bigger dorsal fin than the females and are more appealing to the eyes. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'tetra_fish_care_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_14',149,'0','0']));Dating back to 1920’s Diamond Tetra was first discovered in Lake Valencia. For detailed information on such diseases and cures, visit my article on Tetra Fish Diseases and Treatment. However, with the right care, you can “polish” and “refine” this fish so that it … Valencia is located between two chains of mountains and it is the second largest lake in Venezuela. Characins / Characinae / Diamond Tetra Profile: Diamond Tetra, Pittier's Tetra Moenkhausia pittieri SYN: None PD: The fin of the male are quite elongated and silver in color. Diamond Tetra Tropical Fish Learn all about the Diamond Tetra's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. The tank is the home for your fish. If not, then, I’m sure you’ve heard the story about the Ugly Duckling. Because Diamond Tetras are active as well as mid and bottom–dwellers, they do well with bottom dwellers Corydoras and most livebearers like Guppies, Barbs, Catfish, Cichlids, and Zebrafish. 5.5- 7.5 A community aquarium is accepted, but the Diamond Tetra can sometimes be slightly aggressive with other species (especially that the adult male can reach a good size). Diamond Tetra can definitely mesmerize anyone with its beauty. Venezuela is a birthplace of the diamond tetra or, more precisely – coastal area of Lake Valencia (Carabobo State), Aragua and Guacara rivers. Tetra Fish Care is dedicated to covering what is important to you as a Tetra Fish pet owner.

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