Of course I decided to pick up the curl defining line and give it a try. No products in the cart. This is so great and easy!! Start at roots and work evenly through curls. probably the best mousse i ever tried and my curls love it. it doesn't weigh down my curls and gives them great hold without a crunch. Definitely try this one. After applying this product on my wash day i barely have to refresh the following day and so on. NYM Naturals (Not Your Mother’s Naturals) are four separate lines that are free of sulfates, silicones, phthalates, parabens, gluten, and synthetic dyes. Shake vigorously. I love the volume and how defined my curls are!! Every time i put my hands through my hair I have to wash them because sticky hands aren't my favorite. The mousse brings back amazing curl in my hair. Let your curls to the talking with Not Your Mother's Curl Talk Curl Activation Mousse. For me, the shampoo had the perfect amount of cleansing to moisture ratio and left my hair and scalp feeling cleaned. Air dry or style as desired. Dispense upside down into hand. One overwhelming positive though is the sprayer that the detangler comes with, I have yet to use a product that I could spray directly into my hair without worry but somehow the detangler sprayer is able to spray a fine mist of conditioner evenly and without mess. I did still need a serum or light gel on top for second day curls but the detangler was enough to keep my hair soft and not stringy even when I added a spray gel on top. Use leave in conditioner for a softer yet long look. I've been loving the mousse for wash days to create a light cast. My hands always get extremely sticky after I use it, and none of my previous mousses have done it this badly before. However, it does hold my 2B/2C curls well and isn't as heavy as the gel. Looking at the shampoo and conditioner first, these two products are packaged with a pump and at $8.99 are affordable options for curly girls on a budget. For one it is VERY sticky and it was continue to make me hair sticky the next day. I Tried Not Your Mother's Natural Hair Line, And This Is What I Thought. In stock-+ Add to cart $ 8.00. Style as usual. No alcohol, no parabens, no phthalates, no dyes. I have to pick up other products from the curl talk line. Participate in product testing surveys discussions etc. This product gave me some great results! … I get volume, definition and my curls just look amazing. The conditioner on the other hand was slightly lacking in its amount of moisture, I found it works great as a final conditioner that I leave in my hair but would not work for me as my standalone rinse out conditioner. Love this product line because it works great, affordable, and found in lots of stores! It's holding power and frizz protection lasts all day, and I don't feel like it is going anything to ruin the health of my hair in any way. On damp hair apply a small amount evenly from roots to ends, adding more as needed. Not a huge fan of this. While the styling products were not enough hold for my curls, the shampoo and conditioner have definitely made their way on to my rebuy list! Mango Butter is used to help add moisture, reduce frizz and restore elasticity, Tahitian gardenia flower is used to help soften and enhance the shape of your natural curl. As well as on day 2 and 3 day hair. This left my hair very frizzy & dries so quickly its hard to work into my hair. It is curly girl approved and gives decent hold with touchably bouncy curls. I diffuse dry with heat. I actually had sworn off using mousse on my hair ever again, until I started hearing such great things about this one, so I just had to give it a try. However, the one good use for this product that I have found so far is refreshing day 2 hair. This product gives length to your curls without drying them out or flaking.

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