Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese simplified Dictionary. Abstract. Shariff added that having otters in the city is a great way to expose the public and children in particular to wildlife in an urban environment. Three species of otter can be found throughout Malay Peninsula: Aonyx cinereus, Lutra sumatrana, and Lutrogale perspicillata.In this study, we focused on the A. cinereus population that ranges from the southern and the east coast to the northern regions of Malay Peninsula up to southern Thailand to review the relationships between the populations based on the mitochondrial D-loop region. otter translate: 水獭. He then emailed Malay Mail to alert us of his discovery as we had reported the previous sightings. Shariff, who is a nature and wildlife enthusiast, went back the next day to take photographs of the otters. Visit our website and master Malay! Learn how to say otter in Malay and a lot of other related words. There are only four types of otters that can be found in Malaysia and recently, the smooth coated otters have been spotted in one of the lakes at Subang Ria Park in Subang Jaya. Contextual translation of "otters" into Malay. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Malay Dictionary. otter translations: memerang. Human translations with examples: memerang, berangberang. I have pointed out the odour to several friends and they had noticed it but blamed the nearby building site! The others in the group identify with this marking and sometime roll in the effluent as a bonding ritual. Previously, the only place Malaysians could reliably encounter these creatures were in captivity. As reported by SJ Echo, USM School of Biological Sciences Professor Dr Sharul Anuar explained that the appearance of these otters […] KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — Wild otters have now been reported at four locations within the Klang Valley, less than five months after initial reports of their first sighting. Four species of otters have been recorded from Malaysia and Singapore in the past: Lutra lutra (Common or Eurasian Otter), Lutra sumatrana (Hairy-nosed Otter), Lutrogale perspicillata (Smooth Otter) and Amblonyx cinereus (Oriental Small-clawed Otter). Otters were observed sprainting the rocks around their dens.

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