Mathematics Curriculum Guide: Grade 3 Contents page Acknowledgements 2 Introduction: 3 Term 1 Summary 5 Term 1 Unit 1: On the Beach ... 2.3 Use number chart: students are given 100 number squares in which they are to fill in the missing numbers 1 3 5 … ☐ Use the equality or inequality symbols (with and without the use of a number line) to compare whole numbers and unit fractions (1/2,1/3… This Curriculum Guide has been prepared to describe the curriculum, the reporting cycle and school-home procedures specific to our Grade 3 classes. Math is Fun Curriculum for Grade 3. Simple Curriculum Ideas for 3rd Grade. 3.OA.C.7 Fluently multiply and divide within 100, using strategies such as the relationship between multiplication and division (e.g., knowing that 8 × 5 Additional Materials: Grades Pre-K-Grade 5 Math Curriculum Map - These documents provide educators a road map for implementing the modules across a school year. STANDARD 3.1 STRAND: NUMBER AND NUMBER SENSE GRADE LEVEL 3 Mathematics Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework 2009: Grade 3 3 3.1 The student will a) read and write six-digit numerals and identify the place value and value of each digit; b) round whole numbers, 9,999 or less, to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand; and Look at our lesson plans to get an idea of the various topics to include in the 3rd grade curriculum. You can find many free curriculum ideas online. Included in this guide are specific expectations for our students in Grade 3 in the areas of Language … Finding the Unknown Students will explore finding an unknown variable by building and looking at math models in Minecraft. 3.OA.B.6 Understand division as an unknown-factor problem. The full year of Grade 3 Mathematics curriculum is available from the module links. You can also refer to our 3rd grade resources to ensure the all-round development of the little ones!

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