The otherwise colorful sight of the town is marred by the simple fact no-one is around. One crest was the five similar Royal Stickers (though not the gold one), while the other was the Grand Paint Star crest representing Prism Island. Bowser is now even more tense despite the needed pep talk. Sure as can be, the valley girl Sticker Fairy’s color re-saturates back to normal. FIELD ABILITY: Memphawk Leap (allows Mario to hitch a leap jump with Louis to further and higher places than usual), PARTNER ATTACK: Memphawk Slam (slams on the middlemost enemy for 18 damage, unleashing a shockwave on ground enemies for 9 damage), PARTNER PERK: Memphawk in the Wind (increases the power of Mario’s jump attacks by x1.3). This prompts Emerald to give Huey, Mario and the others a simple fact about life, children and innocence. Mega Mushroom: Heals 25 percentage of the paint. Over the course of round 2, Marirana wonders if this is just a scam, and how this is something restaurant could properly prepare for. Toadsworth’s request ends up a tall order- now Splotchleek Bossblob is using the full power of spacetime! Explaining herself, Shadhema lets Peach and the others know Merluvlee is putting her in charge of the celebration- therefore, Shadhema will pose as the Sticker Comet from now on. The bridge Unfurls… incompletely, falling into the depths below for savages, animals, and man-eating lawyers to feast on. Even then, some are too far for normal jumps, requiring Edwin and Louis to navigate the dangerous waters. Nevertheless, Aace forewarns the team of Shadhema’s mastery over the saber, alongside her unfathomable power. The evil monster dares the duo to keep going, comparing the Magikoopas’ captivity to dangling a bone over a Chain Chomp’s face. Likely summoned due to his previous possession, Shroomsday exerts his influence over whatever energy remains of the Green Royal Sticker in the confused Petey, retaking the tropical Piranha once more. This creepy revelation startles Huey and Louis, the latter remarking he now knows why Orion sometimes felt cold. After Mario deals with the Fire Bro, he finds an angle in the form of a Parallel Pipe, jumping right in. However, Leblaanc knows that while Aace and Starmageddon have offered their assistance, Shadhema hasn’t and likely won’t. As Edwin sympathizes with the two ex-baddies, O’Chunks lifts the gate up. With the boxes cleared, the trio decide to head to Prisma Fountain in the centre of town to see if there’s anyone around. Toadsworth’s temper rises at the mention of Splotchleek having captured Peach, but Black Motley isn’t threatened by the metal-riding mushroom. Mario and friends reach the eponymous Starlight Cape. In the nick of time, O’Chunks arrives. However, a slow collapse is still a collapse. After a bit, Mario and friends follow suit. But, you know, failing friendship and a drooping little bird comes first. Huey rightfully calls out Edwin for advocating Kidd’s non-consensual behaviour, and Edwin hastily apologizes for his tasteless joke. During times in the story where these characters aren't in any condition to come help Mario, phantoms of them take their place. Edwin and Louis stay behind to comfort her, leaving Mario and Huey to bravely enter a small opening. Mario proceeds to enter the dojo, meeting an exercising Mawk Hawk and lazy Pawk Hawk. Instead, after Huey finishes his mysterious task and Starmageddon finds his real body, he’ll fix things- by blighting out the whole world and starting over again, with just Prism Island remade. Mario has three attack slots from the beginning of the game all the way to the end. The only thing allowing Mario to safely jump across is several lilly-pads. Defeating Shroomsday grants Bowser many cards with the multihit Shell Whirl, two of his own Raccoon Tail, and one copy of Slugshroom and Carrishroom. Mario and friends see a Save Block near a door on the second floor, indicating a tough challenge ahead. For the reason Louis is a fan of Mario is because he always gives people a chance to prove themselves, no matter what. Happy for her friend, Ellshe reiterates how while things were bad at first, they became better. Further inspection leads the women to surmise the statue was punctured outside, then something broke out. Despite this, Pesshi insists that the possible backlog of mail, and mail in general, is more important. What the Boo fails to account for is Bowser’s Ground Pound attack, flattening the ghost to nothing. The Shy Guy on the Sunset Express is changed to an Anti-Guy (the only one in the game). Touching it makes Mario invincible. Delicate battling and removing only those not aligned with the Bowz rewards the Koopa King with more experience than if he KO’d everyone, demonstrating why minions in most places love the big spiked guy. Mario’s instinct pays off, as the sign itself transforms. The Timespace Pod brings Mario to the roads of Prism Island. A while later, Huey’s image joins his comrades. Giddy with glee, the Toad jumps super high for joy and waaaaaitaminute. In the midst of Larry considering hiding away from the Bowsers, Kidd rams him off the train, telling him to tell Junior they’re coming for him next. Strangely, though, Peppa T warns Mario that the chief is moody about one of the other members of the Squad, so he might not catch the Captain at a good time. At the back of the lower volcano is a huge room. Nya has to somewhat agree, then wonders what our heroes would ever need the parchment for. See the Levels section for changes regarding the final level's escape sequence. If the Mushroom World were perfect, the holo-King would change his ways as well, and he would be singing Kum-bay-yah with Mario and friends. At this point, Suebelle starts taking on a rough southern accent like Marirana, revealing she was suppressing it for the sake of her stage persona the whole time. Now knowing they really do need to head to Mondo Woods, Mario and co. head there ASAP without honey. As thanks, Topaz gives Mario another Artifact-Up Slot. The Koopa Prince had heard about Kidd obstructing Mario, deciding to give the goat this device to test on Ellshe. Unfortunately, Perry isn’t grateful for the compliment, revealing the Musketeers have tested him to defeat Mario! Thankful, Leelee shows her gratitude to Bowser and Jaykan- or rather, big Koopa and Jibberjay girl. This ticks Sporepocalypse off equally, returning the favor. Everyone is exhausted after the fight, with Roy only taking comfort that Lemmy isn’t there to ensure he never lives this down.

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