Obtaining the full control of the Mississippi River was an early and vital war aim for the Federals. Wal-Marts are close to Vicksburg, and Port Gibson has a Piggly Wiggly that is sufficient. A short distance up Bayou Pierre from its mouth once stood the small settlement of Bruinsburg and its landing on the Mississippi River. Port Gibson, MS. is a small town that played a part in the Civil War. Jackson is a 70-minute drive away. Vicksburg - Port Gibson, MS Area Map with Points of Interest (hotspots) Collina Plantation Inn B&B. Close to Port Gibson is Grand Gulf military park. The settlement was established by Peter Bryan Bruin, who arrived, along with several other families in 1788. Port Gibson is located in Claiborne County,which experiences a subtropical climate with warm, humid summers and mild winters. Calculate the total cost to drive from Vicksburg, MS to Port Gibson, MS. The city is a great stop on a historic tour of Mississippi. Port Gibson has a nice little downtown area and town square which features the Claiborne County courthouse. Find out how many hours from Vicksburg to Port Gibson by car if you're planning a road trip. This victory not only secured his position on Mississippi soil, but enabled him to launch his campaign deeper into the interior of the state. The battle was a turning point in the Confederates' ability to hold Mississippi and defend against an amphibious attack. Vicksburg is a lovely town and history abounds. Reach Port Gibson by car or by plane to Vicksburg or Valley of the Moon airports. Port Gibson was the site of several clashes during the American Civil War and figured in Ulysses S. Grant's Vicksburg Campaign. The battle of Port Gibson cost Grant 131 killed, 719 wounded, and 25 missing out of 23,000 men engaged. Port Gibson is not really a city that you would want to tour -- we were somewhat disappointed that the town was a bit run down. The Battle of Port Gibson occurred on May 1, 1863, and resulted in the deaths of over 200 Union and Confederate soldiers. Compare the flight distance to driving distance from Vicksburg, MS to Port Gibson, MS. Port Gibson, MS 39150 Jefferson County Hospital 809 Main St , Fayette, MS 39069 Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Natchez 133 Jeff Davis Rd , Vicksburg, MS 39180 Merit Health River Region 2100 Highway 61 N , Vicksburg, MS 39183 Merit Health Natchez Bruinsburg to Port Gibson in the Vicksburg Campaign . Looking for alternate routes? Canemount Plantation Inn B&B Bayou Pierre winds through the hills of southwest Mississippi by Kathy Weiser-Alexander. Our Battle of Port Gibson page includes history articles, photos, recommended books, and the latest preservation news for this 1863 Vicksburg Campaign battle in Mississippi. Explore all of the routes from Vicksburg, MS to Port Gibson, MS. The Vicksburg Military Park is nearby and well worth the tour. There the Union defeated the confederates which led to the eventual fall of Vicksburg. Union victory at Port Gibson forced the Confederate evacuation of Grand Gulf and would ultimately result in the fall of Vicksburg.

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