Purchased from: Ebay Features — 9 This review is for a 2009 Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut made with a korina body. The 58/15 LT pickups are based on the original 58/15’s but with a lower number of winds for a more refined output, more suited to clean, bluesy and lower gain Rock tones. PRS are known for their striking looks, and the SE Custom 24 range is certainly no exception. Its 22-fret rosewood board is marked with abalone moon inlays, and the impressive fretwork includes the exclusive flat-planed PRS fret crowns. A A PRS SE Paul's Guitar, played through a Fractal AX8 direct to Pro Tools, via a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo. Introduction Last year, I wanted something a little different than the Strat I was playing. As with the SE Custom, the SE Singlecut is built on the standard 25-inch PRS scale, and the set-in wide-fat mahogany neck feels very comfortable in all positions. July 05, 2019. The original PRS Singlecut - which caused much legal wrangling with Gibson, soon after it was introduced in 2000 - has always been popular with artists, but for all that, has proved to be less so with the higher-ticket PRS purchaser. July 22, 2008 by Josh 5 Comments. Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut Long-term Review. I wanted a guitar with a little bit thicker sound and a little more versatility. Because of this, you’re going to no doubt see our favourites occur a couple of times in this list, just in different finishes. The Core Line has just one Singlecut, the SC 245, plus of course the long-running Tremonti. You are here: Home / Guitars / Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut Long-term Review. The bodies have an all-laminate build, just like the Gibson ES-335, for example. The Standard is built from five-ply mahogany; the II has the same five-ply mahogany on the sides but adds both a five-ply maple top and back with an attractive flamed figure. From the outset, the PRS Singlecut was a controversial guitar. PRS SE Paul’s Guitar Review. PRS has included updated versions of its much loved 58/15 humbuckers in the 594 – deemed by some as one of the best recreations of the classic PAF sound on the market. The first segment is a "Plexi Crunch" patch on the AX8, played on the guitar's bridge pickup in full humbucker mode first, then switched to the neck pickup. The new SE versions we have in for review, however, are something of a more classic hollow or semi-acoustic guitar design. But, we feel this is important information you need to be aware… it’s about looks as much as it is about tone these days (we’re only joking slightly when saying this…). Dave Hunter .

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