Genshin Impact Radish Locations Farm Guide. Of all mystical things the game has to offer, Radish is found to be exiguous. 23. Location. Here’s where to find Radishes in Genshin Impact. I had some free time and made this dish! You can use them in a few essential cooking recipes, such as Fried Radish Balls, for more party ATK, and Radish Veggie Soup, for health regeneration. Home Tavern Official Billboards. Currently, all the players in this game want to know the location of Radish as this ingredient is needed during the Marvelous Merchandise Event. Radish veggie soup (talk to the food vendor) Cecilia (talk to the second flower vendor nearby) Give these items to Lisa and you'll be able to move onto the next part of the quest. The online action RPG has is touted to be the greatest video game launch any Chinese developer has ever seen. It has over 17 million downloads and garnered about $60 million from just the mobile platform. Radish is an ingredient in Genshin Impact that is rich in fiber and nutrients. 16. It is easy to grow and harvest in the game. Ask Sara (the Shopkeeper): “Lisa normally eats vegetarian style” Best Choice: Radish Veggie Soup. So the best choice should be Radish Veggie Soup or Satisfying Salad. Radish Veggie Soup is a Recipe in Genshin Impact. You may also need to collect some radishes for specific events, such as Marvelous Merchandise. A list of all tasty dishes and useful potions available in Genshin Impact. Regardless of the reason, if you need some radishes, they are not difficult to farm. Genshin Impact seems to be the bandwagon everyone is hopping in. Post Published: 05-26. Craft Usage 50. Radish Veggie Soup (1 star) Restores 8-10% of Max HP to the selected character, plus restores 190-270 HP every 5 seconds, for 30 seconds. Forums. Learn where to find it, the cooked Food and its effects, its rarity, and everything you need to know about Radish Veggie Soup here! Genshin Impact Wheat Locations Farm Guide. Genshin Impact Lisa Gift – Food. Radishes are obtained by scavenging. Ingredients: 1x Mint, 1x Radish If she eats vegetarian style, the Steak & the Smoked Chicken are not going to be good choices. 0. EN. All Genshin Impact Radish Locations. Originates from: Tavern 502. Critique my Genshin Impact Dish!

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