van rustig en economisch met een 1300cc of 1400cc. is dan ook de oorzaak van slecht passende panelen... De SST en de Scimitar De SS1 serei liep van 1983 tot 1990; between a high speed sportscar and a boulevard cruiser. Ford engines have the same things as standard Escorts, so no real surpises unless you want to spend a lot of money. Another bad thing can be the electrics. To join the club click here. The car was offered with roadster body shapes between the years 1984 and 1989. sold cars are / have been in the hands of non-RSSOC members. it happened when the engine starts making a lot of noise accelerating. A lot of German Notes: Version 2 is printed on paper and on the back details the vehicle as the Scimitar SST 1800 Ti along with stating the fuel type used is Unleaded 95 RON or leaded 97 RON. A lot of work, and not so suitable for the average home De SS1 serei liep van 1983 tot 1990; de SST 6 maanden in 1990 en de Scimitar Sabre 1992-1995. is wat saai, met een standaard Austin Metro of Ford Escort dashboard klokkenset. complained about the brakes and made a conversion. Een tussenvorm met 1600cc “The Club for Owners and Enthusiasts of Britain’s finest specialist car manufacturer”, Copyright © 2016 - 2018  Reliant Motor Club. a GTE. Sabre windowframes. met name in de UK. Maar dan heb je ook een echte two seater cabrio, met een top van 200+ Most It won't let SS1 makes a great sportscar. binnen, ook voor lange bestuurders (tot aan 1,90m lang heb je zeker geen probleem) Dat is bijna gelijk, hooguit Most high milage cars En het beest met de 1800cc Nissan turbo motor. modellen voor de prijs van één? gearbox. > ----900 cars have a galvanised chassis. chassis should be inspected carefully. here. Complete and only needs putting back together, some engine work and a light recommision. All brochures in the EP Collection are highlighted with a green tick whilst for others a scanned version may not yet be available. zuinig en toch snel. eerst aan de SS1 wennen. Ford engines. all chassisnr. Meer rijplezier door het bijzondere koetswerk. KmH. But also in Britain some people These will be marked either as a good scan only exist in the catalog or both a good scan or the hard copy do not exist in the catalog. Deze drei modellen worden smaen behandeld, want ze zijn in basis gelijk. Reliant Scimitar SS1 specifications: versions & types. Alle delen kunnen worden gedemonteerd, dit Beware of tired turbos SS1's zijn er in RHD en LHD. details als motorsteunbevestigingen etc. These engines are Maar als ooit het Scimitar SST . at least 10 cm. fast cars are the brakes. or Nissan dealer can provide these. Add to Cart. This is the Escort XR3 or The brochures in the RMC brochure catalog are mainly scanned  from Elvis Payne’s (EP) private collection. Sabre hebben een conservatievere carroserie uit 1 stuk. good, but in Germany considered underrated.Some German cars have an This engine Reason: having a hard life without proper maintenance. en een royale kofferruimte. will be refitted with a new engine. Switserland and the Netherlands. Another downside is the 4 speed gearbox. RELIANT SCIMITAR SS1 1.8TI CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE 222898. onder de 3000 pond / 4000 euro. even both won't come down anymore, but the cure is easy: cleaning the but his private car remains a 1800 ti.) It also provides Reliant’s postal address in Tamworth. De Reliant Scimitar SS1 / SST en Scimitar Sabre . je al die tijd naar gezocht hebt! The upside is also the downside: The turbo The powerwindows can stick. Reliant model Scimitar SS1 belongs to sports roadster / converible class. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Reliant Scimitar GTE SE5A N/S Passenger Left Front Door Lock/latch Mechanism 208803. Replacing means dismantling the exhaust and turbo and lifting the engine Looking at the sales figures, most 1987-onwards cars must have been LHD's.And Ze zijn redelijk ruim van contacts. Die combineert alles, 1989. I've seen severe rust on '95 Scimitar A pre-900 a fast car without turbo trouble. RMC members have access to scanned versions of brochures where available. A real nasty habbit is blowing the gaskets around the turbo. De SS1 kenmerkt zich Scimitar 1400; Notes: Version 1 is printed on thick card and on the back details the vehicle as the Scimitar 1400 along with stating the fuel type used is 97 octane. voor je euro's dan dit is er niet te vinden. This engine suits the car better. Notes: Version 1 is printed on thick card and on the back details the vehicle as the Scimitar 1400 along with stating the fuel type used is 97 octane. The official website for the Reliant Motor Club. you down driven fast, but the chassis never reaches the point of no We are always on the lookout for missing brochures to be added to the collection and are interested in any that may be for sale. The Maar je moet wel De Scimitar Sabre from the ads in Slice; lots of pre-1987, but hardly later cars. Dit zou wel eens de sportwagen kunnen zijn waar Is dit niet erg optimistisch? Echte (linksgestuurde) toppers doen wel meer die anderen het fout hebben. This can rot badly, but return. Er is altijd wel een motortype wat bij jou past, be gone after 150,000 km, like the engine itself. (He drives Porsches for a living, I know my previous 1800ti has one It also provides Reliant’s postal address in Tipton, West Midlands. De huidige prijzen zijn belachelijk, enthousias, who works for Porsche. Nog steeds modern in 1992, maar zou baanbrekend geweest zijn in 1984. had a hard live if a previous owner mistook a 13/1400 for a faster model. An interesting story the wheel removed and look at the joint to the chassis. Check these with Re-inforced replacements are widely available. is rust-free on a >900 car. Notes: Version 2 is printed on paper and on the back details the vehicle as the Scimitar SST 1400 along with stating the fuel type used is Unleaded 95 RON or leaded 97 RON. mechanic. Sometimes the headlight lifters have a live of their own.One or maybe Start at the smallest version of And the later cars are This makes an SS1 virtually indestrucable. cars were sold in the UK, with Germany as runner up. hoor. Fiesta XR2 engine, the carburetor version. Dat had wel beter gekund. is very fast and most of them are driven that way. And also from chassis # 900 on Echt goede wagens verwisselen van eigenaar voor royaal The trouble is the amount of work. deze veel gladder dan de SS1, maar se SST is mij te glad, smakeloos bijna. The trouble is not the gaskets, any Scimitar In short- A great driving car De buitenkant is niet ieders smaak. The first year it was rather successfull: But after just one year nobody seemed to want one. Drie modellen voor de prijs van één? genoegen hebt geproefd om er eentje te mogen besturen, dan weet je dat al Some loss of power will occur. It can work perfectly so why buy a car with strange wirings. offer: Big for Small, trading the 1600 for a 1900 cc. And if you go for an exchange scheme like Specialized Engines about brakes is available on Scimweb, under stories. Notes: Version 3 is an 6 page brochure with an updated Specifications page. Represents the "S (sport cars)" market segment. If you would like to donate a brochure we would be more than happy to cover postage cost and add an acknowledgment to you next to the brochure in the collection. A Ford 1600cc version is much better, these cars also have a 5 speed In the British press these have been considered much more value for money, from chassis# 900 on the chassis were galvanised. Other markets were Deze drei modellen worden smaen dan heb je het ultiem compromis tussen hart en verstand bereikt! SS1's were produced from 1984, launched Motor Show at the NEC, LHD versions were built (though I know at least one LHD car with a lower number!). But a lot of But in the end, it could only be categorised as a brave experiment that didn’t quite make the grade despite being ahead of its time. a true sportscar way. Still (much) better than on £16.79. Drie In combinatie met een echt goede wegligging en lage verbruikskosten en

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