I believe that my mother loved me when I was little. 3. PR6 Resilience Assessment . The PR6 is an advanced and efficient resilience psychometric questionnaire. I don’t take criticism personally. resilience strengths and weaknesses before a crisis happens. Once you have completed the questionnaire, please add your scores to the score sheet on Resilience at work is about personal attitude towards work and the events that take place in work and the working environment. I influence where I can, rather than worrying about what I can’t influence. The questionnaire included a description of the meaning of each category and a 5-point Likert scale, linguistically adapted for each question, as shown in Fig. Through a 3-min questionnaire, the PR6 identifies resilience across 6 distinct domains of resilience. Soaring Spirits International provides resources with no endorsement implied. This is an abbreviated version of the Nicholson McBride Resilience Questionnaire (NMRQ). Resilience Questionnaire Score 1. Resilient organizations can also be more competitive during business as usual. Soaring Spirits International is a 501(c)3 Corporation EIN#: 38-3787893. Resilience Assessment Questionnaire (RAQ 8) This is the Resilience Assessment Questionnaire, created by psychologist Derek Mowbray, in its short form (RAQ8). RESILIENCE Questionnaire Please circle the most accurate answer under each statement: 1. The longer version (RAQ 40) is available for use under licence. It's a quality that we all possess to some degree, but some of us can draw on it more easily than others can. 2. The CRR may be conducted as a self-assessment or as an on-site assessment facilitated by DHS cybersecurity professionals. 3. The Personal Resilience Profile. The Personal Resilience Profile provides insight into an individual’s resilience strengths and development opportunities, based on responses to a 75-item online questionnaire and comparisons to a database of over 70,000 individuals.Results can also be compiled and summarized for groups, departments, and organizations. The CRR is a no-cost, voluntary, non-technical assessment to evaluate an organization’s operational resilience and cybersecurity practices. Inacompetitiveenvironment,anorganizationthatisawareofits resilience strengths is more equipped to find opportunities out of a crisis situation (Knight and Pretty 1997). 4. In a difficult spot, I turn at once to what can be done to put things right. Be honest: understanding the specific areas in which you lack resilience will enable you to get the most out of our 10 point booster plan. The Getting to Resilience questionnaire is designed to be completed as a facilitated exercise among a diverse group of local decision-makers. Resilience is important because it keeps us on track until we reach our goals, it allows us to deal with difficult situations, and it helps us to grow by encouraging us to look at the positives and to manage stress. For the full 40 question version of our Personal Resilience Questionnaire, purchase Derek Mowbray's Guide to Personal Resilience which contains the full version of the Personal Resilience questionnaire along with exercises to strengthen resilience for each of the 8 elements of resilience detailed above.. When completing the questionnaire, please think about your domestic and work experiences as they are today, and do not dwell too long on each question. I generally manage to keep things in perspective. Resilience Assessment Questionnaire (RAQ) Please complete the following 35 questions about yourself. Resilience is our ability to bounce back when things don't go as planned. 5. Vargo and Definitely true Probably true Not sure Probably Not True Definitely Not True 2. For each question, score yourself between 1 and 5, where 1 = strongly disagree and 5 = strongly agree. I believe that my father loved me when I was little. More Resources on Resilience.

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