Having to attack to get this one going is a real drawback, but at 3 mana it’s still a very good card. You probably won’t ever side this in, but if they have multiple Jungle Creepers or Recovers, I suppose you could. It’s really hard to get this to a 4/4, and at 3/3 it just isn’t good enough. Where this really shines is when you can drop it and attack with multiple Pirates, preferably menace or flying ones. On the plus (loyalty) side, she’s very hard to kill if you do have a lot of creatures, as her +1 can skyrocket her loyalty. These are numbered #197/196 to #205/196. Getting a counter each turn is a decent ability, and once you’ve gotten three, you can often kill the opponent in one shot. She helps a lot when you’ve got a good board presence, but she doesn’t protect herself or have an ability that nets you cards or board position (except the ultimate, which can pop surprisingly fast). Awakened Amalgam's power and toughness are each equal to the number of differently named lands you control. Dire Fleet Neckbreaker hits as a 5/2, but that isn’t where most of the power is. It is weak to artifact removal, and you lose the ability to pass it back and forth, but it’s a nice aggressive equipment at a good rate. I could see this going 0.5 in either direction, based on how fast things end up being, and like it a lot in Sealed. In a defensive deck, this is a very sweet win condition, and is another card that could easily go up in value. It enables splashes nicely and is a card I want to open in Sealed. Clones are historically great, as at worst you are tied for the best creature on the board. Waiting an extra turn to play a creature kind of negates the haste advantage, and even if you have excess mana, the effect here isn’t that impressive. If your deck has good mana, this is a card you’ll want to play. It costs 9, which is often more than half your mana! Kumena easily earns his rating in a dedicated Merfolk deck, but I’d still play him in any U/G deck on stats alone, and if you have a couple of Merfolk (which is hard to avoid), that’s just a bonus. It’s just uber-frustrating to see this in play and know that you are doomed, as they get to kill three of your creatures and then kill you with those creatures. Plus, every now and then you’ll hose a planeswalker. Rivals of Ixalan Spoilers 216/216 Show Text. Saturday  10am to 9pm I don’t think it’s great because it’s so high variance, but as a mini-sweeper I could see matchups where you want it (it kills 1/1 hexproof and 1/1 lifelink tokens). Maybe this should be a 3.0 due to it being virtually unblockable in the early game? or Create an

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