Obviously you can't buy them new anymore. When I got it there were very few affordable LDCs on the market and this one was getting pretty good reviews due to the lack of competition. If you look around for the right mic (this one) you be able to grab one around £80 with a case and shockmount and that's been the going rate on ebay, gumtree, craigslist and sos readers ads. Like all Rode … Don't much care. Times sure have changed. The amount of people who could compare a U47 to a sub $300 mic, likely almost non existent. The Rode NT3 is a condenser instrument mic that’s pretty thin and stylish. This review is of the original Rode NT1 not the NT1A also note that manufacturer of the diaphragms changed some years before the NT1a was released. With people like pewdiepie using it on yotube. Hey there! Or perhaps somebody I don't like very much will want to borrow a microphone. If you find a female singer that naturally doesn't have to much ess this mic can sometimes be THE mic. If you think of using the mics as drum overheads be aware that their max spl is 135dB SPL (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1K? The earlier model being the most preferred of the lot I have used all three and own the original and the mk2 to put a name to it. The shock mount was an optional extra but they take any generic ldc shock mount. This was the first LDC I ever bought and I still use it occasionally, although now I have a locker full of more expensive mics. Even though it's a comparison, it's an ad, as said, but it also not objective, nor is it comprehensive. - it's has warm low mids that work great on acoustic instruments mainly acoustic guitar, vocals and drums. As we all know, the C1000 is a great deal, but the sound of that mic is cheap, brittle and tinny. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. On guitar amps the mic grabs all frequencies but doesn't realy pump like a dynamic it tends to cream the sound out a bit with a little fizzyness I can work on cleans but results are ok. The earlier model being the most preferred of the lot I have used all three and own the original and the mk2 to put a name to it. Seems like a wannabe Neumann U47 very timber midrange focus while the NT1-A is brighter and more prominent sounding. The overall frequency response of the NT1 is flatter, while the NT1a has that spiked high end that to me just sounds nasty. The NT3 is superior to both of these. The NT3 is supplied in a zip pouch with a windshield, stand mount and thread adapter. Maybe some day I'll actually need a sibilance exaggerator for something. -The cardiode polar is actually pretty tight at quite a few frequencies so you can pickup the sound your after or not-after, so you have a good amount of control over your bleed. but ya... what do you guys think of it. Even if you have the money, you can't just go out and buy a U47 so anyone who says anything likely has no clue. They can be great on some vocs and terrible on others. You need an account to post a reply. lolz. Conclusion Rode NTG3, on the other hand, like all professional shotguns has no issues with high humidity. An internal capsule shock mounting system keeps handling noise down. The original can be distinguished by their white body with a black ring around the bottom of the mic containing the serial number, rode and made in australia. The sibilance is just too annoying for me. - I'm assuming this mic compresses well and records acoustic instruments (epecially drum room mics) that it must have a pretty good transiesnt response as it seems to keep its clarity at most frequencies except 60hz and below and around 10kz up. It also likes a consistent timbred singer not an edgy shouty quite singer. The mic does go down low but it seems to role of pretty quick to what sounds like it's completely rolled off at 40hz even tho it goes down to 20hz. The mic comes new with a double walled hard plastic case that is lined deeply with foam and a small section for the mic clip. Some times this will suck ess out of nowhere and whack it on top of you sound. The mk2 doesn't have that black band and the nt1a is silver. Yet with no magic it can do the job. So the sound, well this mic generally has clear mids that seem to have a good amount of detail. The new modern mk3 version if you like, cost anything from £130 to £150 now. The hi's get a bit crispier and sser and that's where this mic rystrics it self on what it can be used on we'll back to than in a minute. It goes straight into my Ensemble Thunderbolt, and makes for one hell of a clean signal path into PT. he was using the blue spark before lol. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The No.1 Website for Pro Audio ; The No.1 Website for Pro Audio. I heard some tracks with it on a thin-voiced lady singer. The RODE NT3 incorporates a rugged welded and heat-treated mesh head and all metal … Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is.

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