Nightmares are merely distressing dreams that evoke fear, anxiety, guilt, sadness, or any array of negative emotions. Once you break the news, she may need to vent her sadness. In keeping with this, her festivals at Naxos present a double character; the one, full of mourning and sadness, represents her death or abandonment by Theseus, the other, full of joy and revelry, celebrates her awakening from sleep and marriage with Dionysus. there is a vein of sadness: the flux of all things, the vanity of life, are thoughts which perpetually recur, along with resignation to the will of God and forbearance towards others, and the religious longing to be rid of the burden and to depart to God. What's the reason for his sadness? Beneath this, however, ran an undercurrent of sadness; he was occasionally subject to hours of deep silence and introspection that approached a condition of trance. My heart is too full of sadness to dwell upon the happiness the summer has brought me. Everyone experiences feelings of unhappiness and sadness occasionally. Anna Mikhaylovna turned up her eyes, and profound sadness was depicted on her face. She suffers a family tragedy, struggles to overcome sadness and frustration, and regains happiness and inspiration in a surprising way. We shared our sadness at the waste of two barely emerging lives with the remainder of the celebratory bourbon. His gaze was stormy, but there was more there, a profound sadness that made the large man more human. The most well-known sign of depression is a general feeling of sadness. I felt such sadness and longing as I described what I was seeing that I was on the verge of tears," he explains. tears of sadness, Like a spray of pear flowers, veiled with springtime rain. I frowned as they departed, and turned to my mother and father, sadnessblearing up my eyes. 23 examples: The birth itself is an agonizing process that causes sadness (tristitia… You would be perfectly normal to have feelings of being angry, mixed with sadness. sadness in a sentence St . The theme for most Flamenco music is based around a woman's estranged or abusive lover and so often starts very quiet and subdued, signifying the woman's sadness, then drawing to a crescendo of feminine empowerment. No more carefree laughter Silence ever after Mostly self-explanatory, this verse simply expresses ABBA 's sadness at the loss of Buddy Holly. There's a sad lack of rationality here, and it's become pointless to try to reason with the ranters. Very salutary is an occasional hour of serene sadness, indeed a good agony will sometimes yield a grand harvest. When choosing music and/or books, don't think that you need to focus on the sadness. A depressive disorder is a syndrome that reflects a sad mood exceeding normal sadness or grief. The sadness she felt as his truck disappeared down the road was borne of fear. 28. Examples of sadness in a sentence: 1. Young people may feel and need to show their sadness and to relinquish what can be a façade of stoicism when they are ill. Mainly feeling cautious, anxious, a bit strange Slipping back down into sadness - needing to let go again! Her sadness had nothing to do with not appreciating their fortune. At first their emotions were mixed and running the gamut of despair, sadness, and finally hope. Mary was odious to her Protestant subjects, Elizabeth to those of the unreformed religion, and both these queens succeeded to the crown in times of general sadness; but the youthful Queen Victoria had no enemies except a few Chartists, and the land was peaceful and prosperous when she began toreign over it. Send No Money by Philip Larkin. Can't help sadness, then slowly learned to hide. The occassion was tinged with sadness. that can lead to negative behaviors in the children and as a result negatively influence a new marriage. Losing usually produces feelings of sadness, depression, and disappointment. I want to say how proud i am to live in a country that is quite so unified especially in times of sadness. All Rights Reserved. She added that Her Majesty had deigned to show Baron Funke beaucoup d'estime, and again her face clouded over with sadness. He directed most of his remarks to the sadness of those left to cope with "this untimely misfortune.". "I will," she smiled, but the sadness was returning. He thought he saw a flicker of sadness cross her gaze before he crossed into the shadow world.

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