Thanks , I called Samsung support and was told that th tv didn't support dolby Atmos . "jquery.ui.position.js", "DropDownMenuVisibilityHandler.js" }, ], "BASE_TABS_STANDARD" : "lia-tabs-standard", "nodeType" : "Board", LITHIUM.noConflict = true; "ResizeSensor.js", "viewHref" : "", "subject" : "How To Set Dolby Digital Plus? Turn the speakers on that are connected to the TV. "id" : "uk", I have updated both unit firmware to the latest version, and Home Theater unit is connected to TV through HDMI ARC and optical cable. "isoneof" : [ ], "BASE_EFFECT_HIGHLIGHT_END" : "lia-effect-highlight-end", It got me confused at first but I think I figured it out now. "BASE_TABS_INACTIVE" : "lia-tabs-inactive", ], }, "type" : "string" "contest.entries_per_page_num" : 20, } "image.description" : { "jquery.hoverIntent-r6.js", For this you will need an Xbox One X plugged in directly into the soundbar itself or atmos bluray 4k player. }, "BASE_CONTENT" : "lia-content", "settings" : { }, "Results" : [ ] I've spent hours trying to figure out if DD+ is configured properly but I haven't found an exact answer. "BASE_FORM_FIELDSET_CONTENT_WRAPPER" : "lia-form-fieldset-content-wrapper", "Text.js", "blog.toc_heading_indent" : "", "BASE_AJAX_LOADER_FEEDBACK" : "lia-ajax-loader-feedback", "description" : "where technology lovers and Samsung connect to defy barriers and create the new connected world", You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. "BASE_BUTTON_OVERLAY" : "lia-button-overlay", "description" : "Experience the cinema in your living room with our audio products. "shortTitle" : "Samsung Community", "Globals.js", }, "title" : "English", B. meine Soundbar?' "min" : 1, "CustomEvent.js", "Server" : { ", It took me 8 hours of research of how to play dolby atmos material from my Q90 and this literally fixed it - it let me play netflix material with atmos. "AjaxSupport.js", Netflix is only 5.1 atmos and not 7.4.

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