The SE mics have no transformer by the way. The SM58 is our main stage mics;we have a couple Blue enCore's and several V7's for extras/ backups. This is a "GREAT" mic, using Sweetwater's rating system. The sE Electronics V7 handheld dynamic, on the other hand, is a stage mic that doesn’t feel like a compromise. Both of them are really affordable microphones, but with the SM48 being about 50% cheaper or sometimes even more, this begs the question; Which one is the better choice? Depending on the vocalist, the V7 may even be 1st choice over an SM58. sE Electronics makes some high quality gear, from dynamics to ribbons. With the sE Electronics V7 handheld dynamic microphone in hand, you'll hit the stage with confidence.

I bought 10 more because ever since I introduced these microphone to the people. The sE Electronics V7 features a road-ready all-metal design. Microphone, Review Bandrew Scott October 13, 2020 Zoom ZDM-1, Budget Podcast Mic, Podcast Microphone Kit, Zoom Mic, Zoom Audio, Zoom Microphone, Shure SM58, sE Electronics V7, Rode Podmic, MXL BCD-1, Sontronics Podcast Pro, Shure SM7b, Electro Voice RE20 Comment Its specialized aluminum voice coil offers natural-sounding reproduction of your voice, while simultaneously giving it a crisp, open quality.

And, they are great! The V7 has proven to be a keeper. Just a little more airy and clear sounding, where the SM is a little more stout sounding with a bit of sheen. A comparison of 3 dynamic microphones: the Shure SM58 and the sE Electronics V3 and V7.

Each was positioned next to each other, pointing at the source and connected to identical signal chains, preamps and conversion via the JoeCo BlueBox. Both of these microphones are extremely popular, the SM58 is probably the most famous microphone of all time and for good reason. A dynamic mic is less sensitive, needs more gain to get your audio in. Great Sound and Built to Last. 1 year ago. Each was positioned next to each other, pointing at the source and connected to identical signal chains, preamps and conversion via the JoeCo BlueBox. Plus, the V7 excels at all of But after setting up the V7 and trying a few takes I decide to just leave it. I’ve had this mic for almost a year, and it’s captured amazing vocal performances, with stellar sounding results. If I understand your question correctly, the answer is Yes. The V7 has a very similar frequency response to the SM57/SM58. The basic difference between … Shure SM48 Vs SM58 | Here are the Differences Read More » Subtle stuff but I'd rather have these than all SM57s or whatever, I like the variety. The chassis' high quality, highly durable zinc alloy is designed to hold up under on-stage stress for years, and the spring steel mesh grille is dent-proof and corrosion-free for perfect reliability while the gold-plated XLR connector also ensures a loss-free and reliable signal connection.

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