I am playing since weaks in the undead settlement PVP and do the level a lot and kill the Evangelists, and got so far only one Spiked Mace, that drop rate must be horrible. I am playing since weeks in the undead settlement and likely have killed more than 100 of these Evangelists and got only one Spiked Mace so far. However the jump attack drains your stamina to oblivion. If you don't land it, you're WIDE open. Choice weapon of the evangelists of the Cathedral of the Deep, mentors of the dwellers of the Undead Settlement. Only to use in the combo? I'm honestly surprised at how little I see this weapon, it's stupid good. For Vordt's you'd wanna go full strength (66) and not bother with faith since Vordt's can't be buffed. Insane in a good way, Use with full evangelists set and Dhorys' Gnawing in your offhand for maximum cleansing of bastard's curses, Just trying to get this thing is making me as crazy as the evangelists i'm killing for it, i got this on my strength build after i killed the FIRST evangelist, slapped a heavy gem on it, and the rest of the game for me was as if you were playing minecraft on peaceful mode. it doesn't seem like i can break peoples shields with that move either, like i can with great swords for example. So just as an example let's take three hypothetical weapons; Weapon A does 300 damage per swing and is all physical, Weapon B does 150 damage per swing but can hit twice in the time it would take Weapon A to hit once, and Weapon C is the same as Weapon A except it does 100 physical + … Best weapons for dex build? As far as other frost tools go, I wouldn't recommend going for anything (except an off-hand Irithyll straight sword for a little extra damage/frost build-up to assure the hammer frost build-up and/or kill) as you'll want the frost to bust out at low health so they'll be better pressured. I mean: If i hit a black knight with this weapon normally, i stagger him, but if i hit with L2 he gets extremly low damage and nothing else happens. Either that mob has 100 % droprate first time kill or i have been lucky beyond belief. Pretty damn powerful in PvE too. I surely have killed more than 100 of them. Tech Support: 2 Answers: What is the best weapon to infuse with magic or best int scaling weapon in dark souls 3? you should probably find something else to use though, if not for hollow. it can know shields off and the weapon art is good. at this point the weapon does not perform at it's best.Weight: How much the item weights when equipped. I want to make a new charakter with that weapon but I am not sure if it will be fun to get the weapon. Winged knight set, a nice looking crest shield or shield of want and this weapon = pretty scary looking gothic era heavy knight. The Evengalist in the cathedral of the deep (the one upstsairs after the forts giant) has dropped this every single time for me. since luck also affects bleed, the spiked mace is better used as a hollow, but you can make it work with a STR or quality build as well. I don't know who filled in all of the individual upgrade tabs, but it is an absolute mess. The drop rate for this weapon must be insanely low. Great weapon if you are mostly one handing its not as short as a club but it takes more stamina than a club. I have edited a few of them . 29 Sep 2020 07:39 . 800+ damage from two R1's should also be topped off with full frostbite build-up (assuming the two hits cause it). Odd, since it scales better than the Heavy one on STR. perfect for a cleric build early on since lightning spear doesnt go through shields so you can knock the shield off without having to 2H your weapon. So this probably won't be able to one-shot a lot of the time, BUT the frostbite puts you at an advantage and pretty much guarantees one more hit for death (unless they have tears). Darkmoon blade would like to know your location, NG5 and farming the evangelist.

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