i noticed that stevia states on the bag that it may not work with some recipes, if the sugar helps to thicken or make it rise!!!!!! Hello Rob, honey minus 2 Tbs. One tsp = 0.166667. Can I have the carrot cake recipe and icing recipe, please. Use 1/4 teaspoon instead of 1 teaspoon. Tim, Stevia is a plant that potentially lowers blood sugar and blood pressure. I did a research on Splenda and this is what I found. 1T sugar = 1/16 Equivalent Stevia powdered extract Good Luck & God Bless. So replace it with coconut cream to get a pumpkin pie that is diabetic friendly. If I’m start using powder leaf to make liquid stevia, would it be the same amount and sweetness? But I have found Kal to be more concentrated than many brands. i dont understand this drama? I have not tried the powder but I can if that is the best way to convert the recipe. They turned out very bitter, and had a bad aftertaste! I am planning to make an apple crisp for the filling they are asking for a 1/2 a cup of sugar. Thank you. If your stevia liquid starts to thicken & turn light brown, warm it up to reliquefy it. The math here seems a bit off to me. I use 1/4 of a tsp in a gallon of tea and it tastes good. her Nutritional Facts–1 serving (1 slice) equals 255 calories, 12 g fat (1 g saturated fat), 27 mg cholesterol, 166 mg sodium, 34 g carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 4 g protein. No big deal compared to the damage saccharine can do to your health . I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and want to make my jam this spring and want to make it sugarless using stevia and need to find the right ration. Unless the recipe is calling for stevia specifically, substituting it for the same amount of sugar would make the recipe too sweet. In the U.S.A. Standard measurements are used. The correct conversion is 3 teaspoons to 1 Tablespoon. I heard a lot of rumors about the usage of Truvia with cancer. I guess the recipe worked. flour plus 1/8 tsp. No, this has been corrected in this forum up above. Nancy. i cup of sugar weighs about 200 grams; therefore, its sweetness equivalent is about 0,66 grams of Stevia powder. I think your numbers are right, if the density of stevia is equal to the water 1g/ml which is very likely, but maybe there´s a practical reason to increase it to 1 tsp for cup. Please correct me if I am wrong. Erythritol by itself isn’t as sweet as sugar (70% as sweet) so you end up using a lot of it, and it also tends to have a coolness mouthfeel to it, almost minty in nature. I got the recipe from a baby’s first year book and that was the recipe listed for using on their first birthday. Try using Pamona’s Pectin for your jam. Thank you. That is what he and I are both asking for help on. Finally, I start sprinkling in cocoa powder until it’s chocolatey enough (probably around 1/4 – 1/2 cup). I found that you can use ground Chia seeds to help thicken your jam. I have a banana cake recipe that has 1 cup stevia (245grams) Does anyone know if this could be a misprint. Could somebody please write the proper conversions IN ALL CAPS so that people can refer to that instead? If it is NOT Organic, then you are eating toxins, pesticides and God knows what else. I’ve just purchased Stevia for the first time in the bulk food section of our grocery store – in the organic section. The more fiber Nunaturals Baking Stevia is used exactly like sugar…ie 1 cup = 1 cup…the conversion is done for you to make it easy! So instead of using erythritol I would like to use stevia instead. Sorbital gives me gas and diarrhea. I have tried the liquid Stevia by Now but don’t like it as well as the powders. I think you have never researched whether Amazon sell fake books and just expect everything is genuine using ‘faith’- I expect that a google search would be a learning opportunity and would change that (uninformed) opinion. To use the stevia to sugar conversion calculator, find the amount of sugar your recipe calls for. Just thought you would like to know that Smucker’s has started to make some jams using Stevia….Strawberry and I think either Blueberry or Blackberry has come out. 16 tbs per cup. Just my opinion. So you may not be able just switch one to one. I have updated just about all items inmy carrot cake recipe to be as healthy as possible and have been stumped for years on how to deal with the sugar portion.

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