best mochi cake, easy gluten-free cake, easy mochi cake, gluten-free japanese cake, mochi cake, red bean cake, In a small pan, add butter and cook over medium heat until butter has melted, watching to make sure it doesn't burn. Makes 4 daifuku mochi cakes Note: because of the fat content in the coconut milk, this mochi is less sticky and softer in texture. Enjoy! Japanese Mochi Fruits Daifuku (Rice Cake) CHOICE OF: Strawberry, Melon, Green Tea, Orange Flavors. I haven’t found a great way to store this. You may remember me from a website of a similar name. Thanks! I’ve been asked for the recipe several times and I feel like it needs to be shared. Strawberry is my favorite fruit flavor to add too. So if you make it the night before and just leave it out, it should be fine. 9 x 13 inch rectangular dish, or in 2 9″ pie pans. Stir in the strawberries. Mix eggs into the mixture. I'm back and can't wait to share more delicious recipes with you! Mix all your ingredients into a large bowl. From pancakes to cupcakes, mochi is a distinct ingredient that adds texture to recipes. Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have. I love mochi so much, I even wrote a book about different ways to eat mochi! It's like a very chewy cake that’s not too sweet. Mix in the rice flour, baking powder and vanilla. I might try sticking to the original recipe and using regular milk next time. Please let me know your results! It’s dense, fluffy and sweet. Your cake looks so nice and moist. We hope you enjoy following along! So far I haven’t tried this recipe with regular milk. probably 20-25 minutes. Hi Sara- I’m glad the recipe worked so well! Have you ever tried to make this mochi cake without using the baking powder, I just wonder what is the use of the baking powder in this recipe, it doesn’t need to be rised at all, please let me know, thanks! I’m pretty sure one could use any kind of milk. I got it at Nijiya. Thnks for sharing! I have LITERALLY made this a dozen or more times. Try Strawberry Mochi! Since then, I have also tried blueberry and cherry versions of mochi cake. You might like to try my Vanilla Mochi and Cherry Mochi Cake, too. Thank you, Kirbie, for a terrific family favorite recipe! Butter mochi, also known as mochi cake, has the irresistible chewiness of a piece of mochi, but in a cake-like form. 99 ($1.62/Count) Save more with Subscribe & Save. May 25th, 2009 by justJENN . I tried another version of this recipe that required regular milk. I think I might use this for Mother’s Day. We discovered mochi through her love of anime and it has become a house favorite (along with bento boxes). Thanks for the recipe! Let cake completely cool, allowing the mochi to set, before cutting and serving. With all the fresh strawberries available, I keep buying more strawberries than I can eat before the strawberries get too ripe. Spray the pan with oil and pour a layer of batter in. I will for sure try this one where did you get the rice flour? It also required one less egg and oil instead of butter. You can but the texture isn’t really like a regular cake since it is chewy. There is no flour used so it’s perfect if you’re gluten-free. Bake for approximately 1 hour at 350°F. Hi Kirbie, I was wondering if you got around to making this recipe with regular milk in place of the evaporated stuff? Aloha, I love this recipe, it is exactly like the blueberry mochi recipe from “Hawaii’s Best mochi recipes” pg 8 except the 1 can of blueberry pie filling in that recipe is swapped out for the 2 cups of diced strawberries here.

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