If bridges, you can work on the torsional effects during construction on the piers due to unequal span lengths, if PEBs you can work on finite element analysis of tapered sections to optimize sections, if concrete- corrosion is a good topic to work on, or maybe castellated beams in RCC etc… Udemy for Business Teach on Udemy Get the app About us Contact us Careers Repair & Rehabilitation of Structure . Be guided by structural engineering experts in earthquake and blast-resistant technologies. Structural Engineering Subjects . My core subjects were: Chemistry, Physics, Math B, English extension, IPT. Learn to design and develop materials and systems to protect buildings, bridges and other vital structures. It depends on what you are much interested in. It provides an in-depth overview of problems and issues relevant for port and harbour engineering. Structural engineering: The engineering of structures that support or resist structural loads. You can substitute something else in for IPT but I found that it comes in handy when I began writing spreadsheets to solve iterative problems. The subject examines Port/Harbour infrastructures. The subject relies on a synergetic approach combining cutting-edge research in Maritime Engineering and strong engagement of eminent industry-based lecturers from world leading firms. Structural Engineering Courses. For those younger and more eager students who have not yet started their career at university, but already know they want to be a structural engineer: let your teacher know of your career goals. Take time to understand subjects such as calculus, statistics, and drafting. Here are the subject areas/topics that students study as part of a structural engineering programme. User #341422 748 posts. The fundamental core subjects for structural engineering are strength of materials or solid mechanics, Structural Analysis-Static & Dynamic, material science and numerical analysis. I found that my subject selection in yr11 was more relevant to my degree than the subject chosen in yr9. PROJECT TOPICS IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING. Advanced Engineering Mathematics. Gain the skills you need to begin or advance your career in civil engineeringThis course is aimed at those wishing to gain employment in the field of Civil and Structural Engineering, and as trainee drafters. If you struggle, find a tutor, if it’s an option for you. Our experts are working on projects like prefabricated housing for a more efficient and sustainable construction industry and fire-resistant building technologies. I'm in my third year of engineering. Please note that these might differ from college to college: Subjects in Structural Engineering Syllabus; Theory of elasticity and plasticity. You will be taught engineering drafting standards AS1100 and gain exposure to CAD packages selected from AutoCAD, Revit and 12D and be introduced to sustainability

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